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Ink, Ink, Ink!!!

Ink is fast becoming my most favourite medium of them all… wait, becoming? I think it always has been! It’s just that in the past couple years I’ve come to discover just how versatile ink is. See, when I was younger I just thought ink was a ball-point pen and that was it. But that is just the tip of a very large iceberg! So come with me on a journey of ink discovery 😀



This is some of my current collection of ink. In this photo you can see my Copic Markers and multiliners, there are uniball pens, posca markers, artline pens and markers, sharpie markers, Tim Holtz distress stain markers, my collection of sakura pens including gelly roll, metallic and souffle, my copic atyou spica pens and of course my beautiful purple feather fountain pen. My inks that you can’t see are some of my acrylic ink pots, my spray inks and drip inks, ink pads and of course my fountain pen dipping ink. And that’s not all the different sorts out there. I have another set of sakura pens on their way and I have just purchased some pilot parallel pens that I’m excited to receive and I would love to try out some faber castel pit pens! The list goes on. Just as I think I have all the different ink and pens I want I discover more!

Inks have many different formulas, you can get acrylic inks, pigment inks, water-based ink, archival ink. I by no means know everything there is to know about inks so there is probably even more than just that. They are all used for different things, have different purposes and different application methods. If you know me at all you will know that copic is my absolute favourite of them all. The colour range is VAST, the application is easy and just like being a kid colouring in again and one of the best things about copic is you buy the pen or marker just once and then you can buy refills, both in ink and the nibs. I love that! I even have their refillable multiliners.


They come in a beautiful, smooth metal barrel. The long packet on the right is the ink sponge that gets inserted when the ink runs out. The small packet on the bottom left is a replacement nib. I don’t have all the sizes but I have a good range from 0.05 up to 0.7. I’ve discovered that I’m quite heavy handed with pens so when using the 0.05 and the 0.1 I have to stay very present and conscious not to push too hard or I end up losing the nib very quickly. Another great thing about the copic multiliners is that they are archival and copic proof. Copic proof means they won’t smudge or bleed if you put copic markers over the top and they won’t stain your copic marker nibs. I could rattle on for hours about inks and the different ones and what to do with them, but for today I wanted to show you a step by step on how to do some funky lettering of a quote that you could blue-tac on your toilet wall and read like an affirmation every day (my wall is full of them!).

So to start with, you need to have your paper, your pens and markers of choice, or pencils or crayons or whatever you have to use. I will, of course, be using copics. The quote I’ve chosen is ‘Happiness. It isn’t about getting what you want all the time. It is about loving what you have and being grateful.’ The first thing I decided to do was write HAPPINESS down the side of the paper in big block letters using my thickest multiliner.


I had also decided I wanted a flower or two as decorations on the page, so I drew in a flower and flower out from that flower I drew some wavy lines to start writing the quote on in different lettering styles. I decided to use a smaller 0.2 sized nib for the lettering, that way I could have some variation with the words by having some thinner and others thicker.


Once that was done I pulled out my thicker nib again and I started giving a bit more depth to the lines and completely outlined the word happiness so it popped out of the page. I also went in andstarted deocrating the words to make them each unique to themselves. I left some thin, made others thicker, put patterns in to some of the spaces and in the white space around the word happiness. I also filled in the flower.


Next comes the fun part… COLOURING!!!! I am such a kid 😀 Using my copic sketch I put a touch of colour here and there all over the page. I added another flower at the bottom. When I am doing a piece of art I always try to concentrate on 2 things. 1. Keeping the colour palette roughly the same. I tend to choose 1-3 main colours with 1 or 2 complimentary colours. In this case I have chosen teal, purple and magenta with complimentary colours of yellow and orange. 2. If I put a colour or an element in one part of my piece, try to put it somewhere else as well. For instance the flower. I had one, but decided to put another one down the bottom. I coloured one flower in magenta tones so I put some magenta in to the wording, same with the purple and teal.


To finish it all off I deviated slightly from my inks for a moment to add in some pan pastels because they are fun to use and have a really lovely soft look and it gives the background a bit of kick. Again, sticking as much as possible to the colour palette I had already chosen. The very last touches were adding some white uniball signo pen and some sakura gelly roll. The Sakura gelly roll you probably can’t really see in the photo as it is a glittery pen and glitter doesn’t show well in photos, however I did use those pens to fill in a couple of the spaces in the words throughout the piece.


So there it is. I hope you enjoyed it and you give it a go yourself. Have some fun with ink and get ready for INKtober! From October 1st to October 31st, try to draw or doodle something with ink every single day. I will be doing my best to, so I’d love you to join me and perhaps post some of your inktober drawings in the comments, or head on over to my facebook group – The Creative Cauldron – and request to join and share your work there.

While you’re here why don’t you sign up for my newsletter and watch me create a mandala every day for 100 days. I’m up to day 29 already today. Once that’s done I will be doing another 100 day challenge, though I’m not sure for what yet. Copic, faces, mixed media, flowers, lettering… what do you think? What would you like me to do for 100 days after the mandalas are finished?

Please leave a comment before you go



In Joy <3

Creative Blockages

We all get them at one point or another. Whether we are stuck in a food rut and just can’t seem to think of a new meal to plan, or we are having to write an article or essay and can’t get past that first sentence, or you have the biggest desire to do some art but you don’t know where to start. I get it.

It happens to me a lot, especially with this 100 Mandalas in 100 days thing. Some days I sit to do the mandala and nothing. Nothing is there, complete and utter blank on what to do. It’s frustrating and a little annoying because all I feel like doing is sitting and playing yet nothing comes to me. In fact I had this happen with yesterdays mandala. I didn’t actually feel like even doing a mandala. I’d just had a couple new supplies arrive and I wanted to play with them! So I thought, well, why does it have to always be a traditional mandala? I’m all for stepping outside the box and a little to the right.

So I decided to play! I got out my inks, cause they were calling me. I started with spraying some here and there on my page, then I decided I wanted to drip some and that was lots of fun. Then I decided I wanted to spray over a stencil. That didn’t turn out like I was hoping so I was seriously disappointed in that. Next there was a stamp I was wanting to play with so I stamped it over where the stencil fail was. The stamp was of a lovely face with flowers and sewing things around her. So I went to my acrylics and had fun with those until it was time to completely finish off the mandala. This is what I got…


I was pretty happy with the end product and I had satisfied my urge to just play and have fun. And sometimes, that is what you need to do. So if you’re in the kitchen bored of the same old, grab something different or new and add it to that old boring dish and see what happens. If you need to write something serious perhaps just put it aside for a moment and write or type something fun that flows from your mind and see what happens, open the channel and let the muse pour through. The same thing goes for art. Sometimes all you have to do is just put a mark on paper. Chose a medium, chose a colour, do a scribble, do some dots, make some marks and just keep going from there. Let it flow and discover where your muse takes you. And if your muse doesn’t take you anywhere you love, well pack it up and get back to it another day or rip it up and use it as some collage for a different project right? Am I right? Yeah I’m right. I’m always right, right? 😉 I absolutely HAD to type right as many times as I could then. Going with the flow y’know. That’s how it’s done and it’s fun. Oh dear now I have the little poet coming out so I should probably stop my rabbling now.

I just wanted to share that yeah, I get creative block. We all do. It’s part of the ebb and flow of life. I wanted to tell you what I generally do to get past it. I just start. 🙂 So go start something and see where it takes you. Follow those nudges and inklings you keep getting. You’re getting them for a reason. That is your soul calling you to do what you came here to do. Don’t deny it because you feel guilty or you have more mundane things to do. Give yourself permission to follow your souls call once in awhile. You never know where it might take you or what you might end up doing. If nothing else, you will have some light frivolity for awhile and let’s face it, some regular fun is needed when we live in such a serious world all the time.

In Joy!


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Make sure you head on over today and start the blog hop so you too can win a spot in lifebook and if after all of that you don’t, well I highly recommend paying for the YEAR LONG course. It is so well worth the money. It isn’t even a lot of money for what you get. Over 20 different teachers and some kind of content every single week, that is 52 lots of content from mini-lessons, to full blown mixed media lessons as well as tutor interviews and lots of give-aways in between, oh and don’t forget the ATC swap cause ATC swaps are so fun!!


It’s my dream one day to be part of the blog hop because I will be one of the tutors, but for now I’m content just doing the year long course. If I could only do one course, this is the one I would choose to do because this one course offers so many different teachers and techniques. So head on over to Effy (who is also a wonderful teacher and artist in her own right) and make sure you sign up for your chance to win 😀


In Joy!

Remain Limitless

Always remain limitless. That is my positive way of saying don’t limit yourself! It’s really important to be open to the limitless possibilities out there. It is important not to do something once and decide you suck at it, or can’t do it then never do it again. Imagine where life would be if Leonardo Da Vinci decided to not pursue his inventions cause it didn’t work the first time, or what life would be like if Albert Einstein just threw his hands up claiming he “can’t” or he just wasn’t good enough!

Greatness comes from persistence despite the results. Of course, my Creative Ones, I am focusing more on the art side of life right now, but this extends well beyond just art and in to whatever it is you are creating. Whether you are creating bonds between people, creating life, creating food to eat or garden beds to grow food in, creating mathematical solutions, creating devices and instruments, creating conflict resolution… being creative doesn’t just mean art and remaining limitless is an all-encompassing energy.

For instance, take this:


I painted this beautiful baby bump last Friday. This piece embodies The Tree of Life to its full extent. The Tree of Life, depicted as a living, breathing being, pregnant with expectancy, continuously birthing all that is into the Universe. It required a lot of deep calming breaths to get through this piece and a lot of breath holding! Especially when it came to the human-like part.

2 years ago there is NO WAY I could have pulled this off. It just wasn’t possible!! 2 years ago if I drew a face it was flat, expressionless and looked like something an 8-year-old would draw. But not today. Why not today? Because I chose not to limit myself. I caught myself one day saying yet again how “I can’t draw faces or bodies” then I heard one of my mentors voices in my head. Nick or Brian Wolfe, I’m not sure which one said it at the time, not that it matters, those twins were so close and so similar that I’m sure both of them have said it many times in their lifetimes. One of the Wolfe Brothers said, “To be able to draw something well enough to call yourself a professional at it, you need to draw it ONE THOUSAND times.

I decided then and there that I would commit to drawing one thousand faces! I’m not even close yet. While I forget to post all the faces I draw in to the same folder, by my last count I am only up to around 140 odd faces. But even that has been enough to improve my skill. Rather than drawing that first face, or that 10th face or the 100th face before I committed to learning how to draw faces properly, I kept going! I read a couple of books, I did a couple of tutorials on YouTube and from websites I found through Google. I also found some great art courses in Craftsy, then found Guadalupe, Tamara Laporte and Jane Davenport who all taught me different styles and types of faces and even led me in to the world of being able to draw bodies that didn’t look alien as well!

The important point of this whole story here is to REMAIN LIMITLESS. Without remaining limitless I never would have gotten to a place in my life where I felt confident enough to paint a human-like creature on a beautiful pregnant belly, let alone walk away feeling really happy with how it turned out. Don’t get me wrong, I still pick this art to pieces as all artists do. We are our own worst critics after all. But for right now I’m still so happy with it knowing it would have been so much worse 2 years ago. And the Mummy-to-be was thrilled, which leaves me feeling very happy.

Remaining Limitless is partly why I have chosen to do my 100 Mandalas in 100 Days quest. By the end of it I’ll be over 10% of my way to being an expert. I have done many mandalas over the past few years but for the next 92 days I’ll be doing one a day. So if you want to watch them evolve and grow and have an opportunity to purchase one remember to sign up to the mailing list up the top on the right there. If not, that’s perfect too 🙂 Thank you for being here. Thank you for reading. I hope you move forward from now doing your best to remain limitless.

In Joy! <3

Tell me what you want, what you really, really want!

Hello Doodleheads and Creatives of all types!

Tell me, what have been getting up to the past few days that has brought some creativity in to your life? I’m feeling a little stagnant right now. I don’t think I quite grasped the enormity of committing to doing 100 Mandalas in 100 days! Between looking after the kidlets, hubby, the house, my face painting business and trying to lose excess weight, now I’ve added a mandala a day to the mix I feel like I have barely any time for anything else! It’s crazy. Yet I still have all these ideas pouring in to my head. I just want to have it all up and running, implemented so I can focus a bit more on you and what you want.

So, what do you want? From me, from this site? What is it that has drawn you here (pun TOTALLY intended, I love puns!)?

I would love your feedback. Are you interested in Mandalas? Are you interested in Mixed Media? Are you interested in painting on canvas or using copic markers? Would you be interested in doing courses, both paid and free? Would you like me to post up the occasional tutorial on card-making or face painting or journalling? I would love to hear what sort of things you would love for me to share with you.

I don’t want this blog to just be about making money, though let’s face it in today’s society I definitely do want to make money. However I am and have always been a giving soul. I feel happy when I give. I find I often give people more than they ask for because I just want them to know more, explore more, question more, create more, think more, be more. So what is it I can give you via this blog? What sort of things are you interested in learning from me, or what kind of projects would you be interested in doing with me?

My beginners mandala course is almost complete and uploaded. I am so excited! I hope you all love it. I am only charging $60 for it even though it is jam-packed with content!! Once it is up and running I will then start working on the intermediate course. However in the meantime I’d love to play with you. So please, leave me a comment or contact me over on my facebook page or even email me and tell me what it is you want.

Love and Blessing from your Creative Alchemist and Lunhatikk xx In Joy!