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Mandala Talk and more

So much for posting a blog post every day this month! My life has been a bit of a paradox lately by being turned completely upside while still remaining the same. I am in this holding pattern right now which resonates with Mercury Retrograde which means while I am here ready finally and itching to move forward, I find myself stuck and waiting. In the void so to speak. Which is perfect for this months Great Round of Mandala study which is of The Void.

If you’ve been following my blog or just know me personally you will know I love mandalas. Creating them, teaching about them, sharing them. In my journey I came across The Mandala Workbook which you can find here: It has exercises and information all about the Great Round of Mandalas and one of the most recommended mandala books if mandala work is something you wish to explore.

See, Mandalas can be a number of things. Anything that is contained within a circle is technically a mandala, as the sanskrit word for circle is mandala. A mandala can be just a piece of art, it can be a piece of art you meditate upon, it can be a view of your world, it can be a view of your INNER world where you can explore what is going on inside and find what needs to be healed or hear what your soul is yearning to tell you. It is the latter part that I am doing this year with the help of The Mandala Workbook, as well as the facebook group here and lastly with the guided help of Julie Gibbons who is running this very course for the year, you can find her here:

So this month is the void. The void represents all sorts of things and one of them is winter which is also where I find myself in a bit of a paradox because it is the middle of summer here!! However, the part of winter the void represents is the hybernation part, the going within, the long dark… summer is so hot her that a lot of us end up going within as well, if only to seek respite from the heat! Despite it being Summer I find myself very much in the void right now. Like being in your mothers womb awaiting your birth. So studying the void is very fitting for me at this stage.

Thanks to Effy Wild I will never buy myself another journal again. I have way too much fun making my own, deciding how many signatures to put in each one, if it has a flap or hangy bits… in the end it makes it more personal. More my own. Since I do have such a big passion for mandala work I decided I was going to make a really BIG journal. I am not used to working this big! I know I will probably work on some big stuff within the pages though. After I bound the book (I am going to wait until it’s finished before I decorate the cover) I began to work on my title page, which is also my intention page.


The mandala may seem a little plain compared to what I usually do, however I wanted to leave all that space for all the journalling I did within the container of mandala. In the very middle where the seed of life is I realised there was exactly enough spaces to write the word MYSELF. It took me a lot longer to do this piece than a work of art usually takes me. I find I often do things quick, rush things. The whole time I was doing this page though I kept getting the message to SLOW DOWN and TAKE YOUR TIME. It’s ok to go slowly, not to rush, at this time. So every time I felt myself with the tension of wanting to rush through the process I consciously made an effort to breathe and slow down. So it is my intention for the entire book to go slow. Something new for me!

The next page we were invited to do a ‘self-portrait’ which is something Julie Gibbons teaches in the Radiant Faces course on Effy Wild’s site. I absolutely loved that class and have done a few of them since then. Julie Gibbons goes on to say that every portrait you ever do is just another aspect of you, which I whole-heartedly agree with. It is why, even though the faces I draw may be different, I often look at them and feel like they all look the same. It is simply because they are just another aspect of myself.


This one was such a ‘what if?’ process. I get a lot of what ifs as I am doing art, some I listen to but most I push aside and think later, I’ll so something like that later. Well, not this time. This time, in honour of delving deep and exploring what is within me, I did every single what if that popped in to my head. What if I put flowers on her cheeks? What if I gave her rainbow eye-shadow? What if I put pearls through her hair? What if I put a spiral within her pupils? Then as I was nearing the end I had the message to Shine your brightest no matter what. A timely message for me. I often find myself dulling my shine so other people are more comfortable, however lately I find myself reticent to do that. More and more I just want to shine as strongly and brightly as I possibly can. The more I shine, the more courage the people I love will have to shine as well!

So I really enjoyed how she (I) turned out. So much so that on the next page I’m doing a bunch of aspects of me mandalas, which is being an interesting process. Before I started that however I did a warm-up lesson on the void. The void is about simplicity and darkness so a mandala that represents the void is usually of a solid dark colour. The warm up lesson is about sitting and closing your eyes for 15 minutes with some charcoal or crayons in each hand and drawing two voids at the same time with both hands, then exploring how that made you feel.


I found my hands kept drifting away from each other to the outside of the page and I needed to consciously bring them together which I found interesting as either side of your body represents the masculinity and the femininity within each of us. Mine seem to be poles apart but I have this desire to bring them together. It has been an interesting process so far. Next I will do the actual Void Mandala and journal about that process. I really love anything that focus’ on self-discovery and self-awareness, especially if it leads to growth or healing. We don’t have to be broken, you just need to commit to doing the work and the healing. Are you willing to heal the hurts within and forgive and thank those who gave you the opportunity to experience the entire process? It’s no easy feat, forgiving those who have given you an experience of pain, but it is worth it, because the only person suffering from your feelings… is you.

In Joy!

Capricorns Rule!!

I know SO MANY Capricorns. It’s just birthday after birthday after birthday of some really beautiful, amazing, wonderful people! I love Capricorns! I don’t think I’ve ever met one that I don’t like. My best-friend in the entire universe is a Capricorn and my sister and I am so grateful. Her existence blesses my life and I am glad she’s reached her ripe old age and look forward to twice as many more of those years with her in my life. So, today is her birthday. I didn’t get to spend that much time with her, she’s having a fancy dinner and I’m not into that sort of thing at this stage of my life, her hubby had organised her some super special lunch so I didn’t want to intrude on that, my son had a dentist appointment this afternoon, so we went for a quick drive down the coast to see her this morning.

She wanted to go to this…. fun-house, called Infinity. I’d never heard of it before even though it’s apparently been around for years. But she asked me to go with her so I decided I’d buy her tickets and off we went and holy balls I’m so glad!!! It was SO MUCH fun. I would have had more fun and spent more time in each room if I didn’t have my Mr Bee with me. They do sell tickets to kids as low as 3 but they recommend the place for children only 8 and above. I wasn’t sure how he would go in there. He went fairly well though for most of it. It wasn’t until we got into the dance room with the flashing lights that he began to get over it, so I missed out enjoying a few really awesome rooms that I would have loved to have spent more time in because I had to rush him through it. I think it was just a little too much for his brain to assimilate at one time and he was feeling a little over-whelmed and out-of-body.

I had a lot of fun with my daughter in one room, she was the first one to walk in but before she even took one step in to it she froze. It made it look like you were going to just walk right out in to space and she was terrified and being the awesome mother I am I laughed at her and pushed her in. I loved it, I think it was actually my favourite room in there. She clinged to me like crazy and really didn’t want to move… now that I think about it, it was just after that when Mr Bee wanted out, so I ponder if her fear set him on edge and he took some of it on because at one point she was clinging to him. I was a little nasty at one point and pretended I had stepped too far and began to fall teehee. I’m so mean 🙂 But she took it good-naturedly, I don’t think there will be any lasting negative affects muahahahahahaha!

Anyway I highly recommend it for any Aussies reading this. If you go to the Gold Coast go check out Infinity:

To finish off today’s post here is a very fitting and perfectly descriptive photo of my family (without the husbands)


In Joy!!

2015 so far!

I thought I would check in today and see how YOUR 2015 is going so far? Did you choose a word or words, or phrase for the year? Are you stepping in to it yet? Is it manifesting within your life, or are you consciously making a choice to use it? In what ways is it showing up for you? I’d love to hear your story.

I have chosen Communication and Focus. Well, the communication part seems to be coming through with myself! It’s been a long, long time since I wrote my feelings out, or wrote what was going on for me out. I used to do it all the time. I used to keep a written journal and write in it every single day, but because I tend to rabble I found it ended up taking up to much time!! Then I discovered art journaling and of course fell in love. It is my aim though to find a nice medium some how. I don’t necessarily want to be able to read my rabblings so I’m happy to do art over top, but then sometimes within my rabblings I gain some insight or have an epiphany that I would like to remember, in which case I could art around it. My point being, I have re-found self-communication which is wonderful. It gives me a chance to express myself without risk of harming others or myself, it gives me a chance to release feelings about situations that may have triggered me and actually have nothing to do with the situation at all, it helps me clear my head and understand the core of what is upsetting me and it gives me time to think and calm down. So communication is definitely manifesting in my life in the short one and half weeks of 2015 so far.

My other word was Focus. That I am still just a little bit fuzzy on. I’m still up in the air about what I want to offer as a Creative Alchemist. Until I can figure that out, how am I meant to market myself? Until I can figure that out I don’t even know who my people are! I’m hoping a coaching session with a friend of mine this coming week will help, though I’ve never done any kind of coaching session before so do not know what to expect and am a little anxious about it all. However, the Universe has offered this up to me in the form of my friend and I will welcome it open-heartedly! Opportunity knocks and I’m willing to answer no matter what kind of fear it creates because I know that the gold is where the fear is!!

In other news it’s the birthday today of an amazingly wonderful, talented, artistic, creative, loving, joyful, playful, pixie who I adore!


In other, other news, I’ve been drawn to collage lately and Jamie Ridler seems to be the Queen of Collage. I received an email of her today about how she recently found an old journal where she did a collage a day for a whole year!! She linked me to a video which you can go see here:

Now I definitely do not have the time to do a collage a day, but I am considering doing a collage a week, or a month at least! Hmm, perhaps a week. That will still leave me with … well, 51 collages unless I do an extra one for that first week I missed. It could be quite an interesting little task and something amazingly visual to look back on. Collages can create an amazing story with a very clear feel to them. It could be a new way of journaling even! Perhaps the collages is something I will share with my email girls now that I don’t do the daily mandalas. I did say I wanted to send out a weekly email. Plus if I commit to doing that with my email newsletter than I’ll be more likely to stick it out and get it done each week! What do you think? Would you be interested in seeing my weekly collage and reading about how I chose the pictures/words or what my process was?

Feel free to leave me a comment or just say Hi 🙂 Thanks for reading! In Joy!

Copic Colouring!

Well, so much for posting a blog post every day for January! But I won’t beat myself up about that. I’ve been pretty busy the past few days and by the time I remember I’m way too tired and need to get some sleep. So today I thought I would share one of the projects I’ve been working on. I blame Amy Grigg 😉 See, she got some new copics for xmas and if you know me, you know I’m a little in love with copics! Well… she is just the same and rightly so! Her artwork blows my mind!

I met Amy via face painting, my weekend day-job. Her face and body art has always inspired me. I love her style, her use of colour and the fact she also loves to use black in a way I enjoy using black. So her art, whether on skin or other type of canvas, has always inspired me and appealed to me. So of course once she started using copics and found out what I’ve known for a year now, that copics are AMAZING, she was going to start producing MORE inspiring and appealing art for me to drool over! In fact, why don’t you go check out her newly created art page on facebook here:

I’ve been watching her so far this year and thinking I need to get back to my copics, as I’ve been completely obsessed with polyclay – which I am loving!! But nothing, I mean nothing, compares to copics for me. There is just something about them that I love, I really gel with them, they talk to me, they tell me what colours to use and how and I just follow their story. Someone commented on some of Amy’s stuff that she should create an adult colour-in book so I’m actually thinking that is something I would love to do. What do you think? Are there many adults out there who would enjoy having a colour-in book for them? How much would you expect to pay for such a book?

So I lived on Pinterest for awhile and looked through all my pins that I have saved for inspiration and found a few things I wanted to draw myself and finally did it! Yay! I can’t tell you how glad I am to have finally used some of the inspiration I’ve pinned instead of just having it sit there for no reason. So some of the illustrations I’ve done in a look at producing a colour-in book for the older kid, have been inspired by images I’ve found on Pinterest. At the end of the day though I did them by hand, I did not trace them or copy them exactly, they are my own art, just inspired by those who came before me, and isn’t that life? Are we not always inspired by those who come before us?

So this is the first image of my book without any colour:

Part One

I added those little lines to the middle of her neck. It was an experiment that I wasn’t sure would work out. I also wanted to add a line to where her collarbone is to give it a bit more definition. The image this was inspired by was also not a sugar skull and because I love sugar skulls and appreciate the ritual of the Day of the Dead I decided I would incorporate that in to the piece. After I scanned the image, in case I do want to use it as part of the book, I started adding some colour!!

Part Two

Well I’m happy with how the middle of the neck turned out. It really works for me. Do you think so? Or does it make her look too masculine? I just adore how easy it is to shade out a face with copic. I couldn’t decide if I wanted to do my normal crisp line shading which I love, or to blend it, but as you see I went with blending. It took me about an hour and a half all told to end up with this:

Part Three

I just love her! I love how she turned out! I was really enjoying watching my own personal style coming through as I was doing it. Sometimes I worry that when I look at others art, or am inspired by others art, that I will mimic them, but I don’t think I have done that. I have a certain way I like to illustrate and that is definitely visible in all my copic work. When it comes to other mediums there’s not necessarily always a telling style-factor that makes someone know it was mine, but I like to hope that when I do use copics there is something very distinctly mine about them. Do you see it? When you look at my copic work is there something very definitely Samm the Creative Alchemist about it? I’d love to know what you think? Do you love this finished piece as much as I do? Would you enjoy having a colouring book with her in it so you could colour her yourself in whatever manner you wish, with whatever colour combination and whatever medium you want? I’m really digging this idea! (thank you Carleen!!! <3 )

I’d love to hear from you guys if you have the time. Much love and blessings. In Joy!

Random rabbling

How can we be a whole week in to January already? That is just crazy talk! Yet here I sit at my laptop looking at the date and it is telling me it is January 7th already! What have I accomplished so far this year? Not a hell of a lot! What about you? Have you made any progress toward any goals you’ve made this year yet?

In fact, as I sit here and ponder the nature of the universe (not) I discover not only am I not moving forward but I seem to be moving backward. Some days I can fool myself in to believing I’m ok, then inevitably some kind of proverbial shit will hit the fan and crash bang boom I realise I’m not so ok. Then I feel bad about not being ok.

Do you ever get sick of yourself? Just over it all and wanna slap yourself upside the head cause you know what you need to do to make yourself better but you find yourself not doing that, or even worse, doing the complete opposite? That is me. I am so over myself! I want to kick my arse out of bed at 6am and start walking again in the mornings because I KNOW I feel better when I do that. I want to kick myself up the butt and drink a cup of water every hour again cause I KNOW I feel better when I do that! I want to kick myself up the butt and do some extra exercise cause I KNOW it helps create endorphins and endorphins make you happy happy joy joy! I want to kick myself up the hiney and get the house cleaned and organised and the shed, cause I KNOW I feel better when my house is neat and tidy and I throw away the clutter I no longer need. I want to slap myself upside the head for not doing any of this stuff even when I KNOW I feel better when I do.

Why must I feel so damn tired all the time? I’m so tired of feeling tired 🙁 I started Isagenix because I heard left and right about how people had so much more energy being on it and that excited me. Having energy excites me. If I had energy I could do more! I could be more! I could wander through life without feeling so heavy all the time and feeling like everything is such a struggle. Well, I’ve been using it for almost 2 months now and you guessed it, still no energy. I have spurts when I’m doing well and getting stuff done and I love that, but then I fall in to these days, weeks, forever, where I can barely lift a finger to type or do art. It is driving me bat-shit crazy but you know what is worse?! I know that if I walk, exercise, drink more water, eat lots of salad and stick to Isagenix properly and get heaps of sleep… I will be better. So why, why don’t I?

I’m sure my husband has that question run through his mind often. I’m sure a number of people who witness my journey think this thought. *I* think this thought. I have no answer. Neither does the one person in the entire world who gets it. Neither her nor I have no idea why I don’t do what I know I need to do. Well, at the end of the day, at least I have one person who really gets it, without me having to try and explain it… cause really, how do you explain it well enough to someone who hasn’t experienced it themselves, in a way that they would understand?


Almost forgot!!

It’s 9.10pm and I was sitting here thinking I would like to make 9.30pm my cut-off time for computer from now on. That I would like to shut it all down and if I don’t go to bed then I can use that time to focus on reading a book, doing arts n crafts, writing to penpals, or some kind of study or organisation for what is happening next in my life. Then I remembered I am committed to posting a blog post every single day this month!

I don’t really have much to report today. Not a single photo taken though I did grab some footage of my baby girl riding her new two wheeler bike for the first time today like she’s been doing it forever! I was so impressed. My little girl isn’t usually known for being very brave, she lets herself miss out on so much because she is too scared to try – much to my dismay and I have no idea how to help her. Yet here she was, jumping straight on her bike and off she went! She was so proud of herself, and so was I! It left me wishing I had my own bike as well. I’d love to take the kids to long bike trails and go for rides with them. It’s about time TeenBoy learned how to ride a bike don’tcha think? 🙂

I’ve always loved bike riding. I still remember the very first day I got my bike. I don’t remember how old I was, 6 or 7 maybe? You can tell how old I am when you see what my first bike looked like…



note: this is not my actual bike, image sourced from google images.

note: this is not my actual bike, image sourced from google images.

Yeap, they don’t make them like that anymore. I loved my bike so much. See the loop of metal at the back of the banana seat (that’s what it’s called, a banana seat)? I got on my bike and my dad held that and pushed me and off I went. Like my daughter I just got the hang of it straight away and loved it ever since. As a teenager I would happily ride the 7kms to school and then 7kms back every single day, often beating the school bus to the stop I would get off at. The breeze in my hair, the speed, the feeling of the gliding, the breath pounding in and out of my lungs, having to stand up when the wind was going against you but the fun easy and fast ride when it was a tail wind. Thinking about it now I’m not sure why I ever stopped riding a bike. Possibly because they have always been too expensive for me to own. After seeing my baby girl on the bike though I’m seriously pondering buying myself one and getting one of those bike fittings on my car so we can find some good long bike trails. Do you have a bike? Do you go on family bike rides? I think I’d be able to drag myself out of bed at 6am again for a bike ride…. maybe 😛


LifeBook 2015 – Lesson One with Tam

I finally finished my art piece in response to Tamara Leporte’s first Life Book class for 2015. As usual the photo just doesn’t do it justice.


I walked in to my studio this morning and she just glittered and sparkled up at me from the table I had left her on all night to dry properly and seeing her just filled me with so much joy! The photo doesn’t show the sparkle of glitter all down the left side where the white bubbles are, nor does it show the bit of glitter held within the pentagram staff or the glitter in each petal of hair. It also doesn’t show that the pearls upon her brow are raised and also have bits of very small cosmetic grade glitter in it too. Then of course is the heart. Yeap, all filled with glitter. Oh how I love glitter!!

I love to use Tam’s classes as a kick-board as such to help me along with my own piece. As a general rule I watch her entire class first then go out to the studio and do what I remember in my head with my own person touches and slight changes. I really enjoy that we can do that with each lesson in Life Book or if you’re just beginning and learning you can copy her piece to the absolute letter.

As I was starting out doing the face of my ‘Beacon of Light’ the phrase ‘Love like your life depends on it’ floated through my head and I literally wrote it down on my desk. Yeap. In pencil on my desk. I know it won’t stay there and at the end of the day, it’s my art desk so I really don’t care what ends up on it! So right then I knew it was the phrase I was going to use in the piece. I also have a message in my magical lettering up the staff.

I wanted to show my beacon of light to be VERY happy and full of light so that is why I chose to lift her cheeks up so they scrunched her eyes slightly and give her a big open mouthed, toothy smile. Tam’s piece is all in golds and yellows but I really wanted a slightly different colour blended in with the whole thing but I didn’t want it to just be out of nowhere. So I did the background with a soft magenta and then used the same colour in her headwrap (I just remembered I was totally going to give her a knot and have it trail away like a scarf.. d’oh! I knew there was going to be something to help feel that large space on the left there!!) and also put it in her sleeves.

Of course I had to outline everything in my favourite sakura black glaze pen cause I just adore nice black outlines, I think it’s the illustrator in me. It keeps everything neat and in place!

I really enjoy doing mixed media work, however it’s not the stuff that makes my soul sing. Not like illustration does and using copics.

If you’ve been reading my posts so far this year you’ll know that one of my words for the year is FOCUS. The reason that came about is because I really want to focus on figuring out exactly what it is Creative Alchemy brings to the world. What exactly am I offering? It keeps floating around in my head in a confused misbehaving ghost that I seem incapable of putting my finger on and holding down so I can get a good look and feel for what it is.

I listened to Tamara LePorte’s interview over here this afternoon: and there were a few things she said that really stuck with me and one of the more potent things was to do what makes you happiest, or something along those lines. (I have an amazing memory but it is not eidetic!) So I pondered on that a little. Getting out in to my shed makes me happy – well, when it’s not boiling hot and sticky out there anyway. Getting to play with ALL my different supplies makes me happy, however what is it that I am happiEST playing with?

It really shouldn’t have taken me as long as it did to realise. For those who have known me for the past year at least, even you could have sat there, rolled your eyes at me, and told me what it is. Copics of course! My favourite medium is copics. I really do enjoy mixed media, and I would use my copics within the mixed media genre however they are SO precious to me and quite expensive that I don’t want to risk ruining a nib by using it on a medium that destroys the fibres or some such thing! I don’t want to use the inks in the refill bottles because they are expensive too, part of me wishes I had two full sets, one just for illustration and the other for mixed media. Or even a set of the cheaper mepxy brand.

So ok, got my favourite medium to work with, the one that I feel happiest using but I don’t want to sell them. What to do with them? I have a children’s book I’ve come up with but I’m really unhappy with the illustrations and I hate it when I have to do the same thing over and over and over again. I’m easily bored! That’s why I love having so many different projects going at a time with so many different mediums. Quilling, polyclay, painting, mixed media, illustration…. etc. So what then? OK, what do I love drawing? Dragons. Mandalas. Fairies. Mermaids. Yeah, but I don’t want to just sell prints. What is something else that stirs my passion? Again, listening to Tam mention how she never set out to be a teacher, people just said she would make a good one and eventually started asking her to teach them and a little bell went off in my head. I’ve heard a number of times from people how I would make a good teacher and I love teaching when I can push that fear aside. Ok, so teaching. Teaching copics? Well, as much as I know them inside and out and upside and all things in-between there’s only so many things you teach about copics before everyone is an expert.

So I don’t know. I still don’t have a clear focus on where I am going. But I feel a small step closer and that’s got to be good right? Teaching, copics, mythological creatures. I’d also love to add in my metaphysical healing, spirituality stuff as well. I do love teaching basics too because I think no matter how well you get in any particular field it is always good to go back to basics. *sigh* You know, I’m already on the path to what it is I want to do and offer with my business. You know what my issue is? I need to just do what needs to be done and at the moment I’m stuck having to edit videos and that is not something that makes me happy. It is tedious and mind numbing and a little daunting hearing myself. I just want to do the fun part of demonstrating to people then have it magically appear online, be marketed well enough that people want to pay me to learn from me and voila. Unfortunately that is not how a business is run when you are a solopreneur! When it’s just you, you have to do it all. You have to do the boring, tedious hard work, the nitty gritty minor details.

I should probably be doing some of that right now instead of sitting here blogging. Procrastinating yet again. I need to stop finding things to help me procrastinate. I want to get things done. The sooner I edit the last two videos of my beginner mandala course the sooner I get to start recording my beginner copic course! So shut up Samantha and FOCUS! Right?

Oh that’s right…

… I’m meant to be doing a post a day. Its 5pm already here in the lovely land of Oz and all I’ve done today is face paint for 2 hours at my regular gig, work a bit on the first lesson from Tamara in her LifeBook 2015 course, and daydream about what I would like to get done instead of actually doing it. Yeap, that’s me, Master Procrastinator.



I want to finish editing the last of the beginner mandala course so I can start working on the intermediate one, or better yet the beginner copic e-course… which one of those would you prefer I did first? Oh, and I want to record a book binding video.

I want to put together some kind of pdf or such for my face painting and email it out to a bunch of taverns I think might possibly take me on as a regular. I would love to have at least 2 more regular gigs a week. I’d happily not do any other face painting if I could have 3 regular gigs a week!


For now, if I’m honest with myself, these are really the ONLY two things I need to get done to help both of my businesses along. If I could just focus on both of those things instead of getting side-tracked with polyclay, or mixed media projects, or telecasts, then perhaps I could stop feeling like I’m not getting anything done and feeling disappointed in myself. It’s a little frustrating. Like losing weight. I know what I need to do but I don’t. I think that needs to be the new definition of stupidity. I wonder what it is on a deeper level… the fear of succeeding? The fear of failing? Fear. Or is it fear as well as that deep-seated feeling of not being good enough, that lack of self-worth.

So what does the Master Procrastinator do? Takes on a blog-a-day challenge to further take time away from what she knows she really could be doing to better her businesses. I just know though, that if I wasn’t doing this, it’d be something else to procrastinate over. Like wondering randomly how much art supplies you’ve swallowed in your life because you didn’t bother to wash your hands before you ate. Unhygenic much? Pfft, just down-right laziness I reckon!


Well I think that’s enough rabbling for today. Time to ponder how or what to put together to email to these taverns. That part isn’t the hard part that makes me feel sick. It’s the follow up phone call a week later that does my head in. Why does that have to be so hard for me? WHY??!!!!!!!

Challenge Accepted!

I came across this blog via a friend of mine, who also blogs, and they have this challenge of doing a blog post a day each month with different themes. Well, I don’t know if I will continue it or not, but for this month I’m going to give it a go. I am going to do my best to write one blog post per month. Either with their theme/prompt in mind or keeping it more relevant to the artistic and spiritual nature of what Creative Alchemy is all about. If you’re interested check out the blog here:

The weekends are for free writing and today is a Saturday. So I thought I would use today’s blog post to let you know what I’m doing this month. The theme they have given is Habits. Again, not sure I’ll stick with the theme the entire month but if I run out of other things to talk about (me? Run out of things to talk about? hahahahahaha) then I will look to their prompts.

I am also doing LifeBook 2015. I started LifeBook last year which I believe was the 3rd year Tamara LePorte has facilitated the year long art journaling workshop and I learned so many techniques and about a multitude of mediums and how to use them. I met some amazing and inspirational art teachers from around the world and each offering was always so different from the last. Of course I absolutely ADORE Tam and her lessons are always some of my most favourite. Her style is always so up my alley! I really resonate with all of her offerings and love that she often adds a touch of personal development in there with it if you want to explore that kind of thing, yet it’s not compulsory so you can just take it as an art lesson and nothing more if you want. For anyone wanting to try out art journaling I highly recommend LifeBook. For a years worth of journaling learning it is so affordable and it’s never too late to sign up as you can download all the lessons and do them at your own pace in your own time. Go check it out here:

Because I’ve just recently begun to blog, as opposed to last year when I wasn’t, I will likely blog about the pieces I create this year. I have done the warm up lesson with Tam that incorporates my words of the year which I blogged about yesterday.

Warm Up

Warm Up

The fun part about the warm up lesson with Tam is that you get to just sit there and make a mess! What isn’t fun about making a mess?!! OK, so I’m an illustrator at heart and I like my clean lines and precise application, but my Inner Child is definitely a painter and loves to just throw down colours and mediums and have fun colouring outside the lines. As I sat down and did this I actually realised it has been a few months since I last just sat and played with art. I have been so focused on learning techniques and thinking of ways to earn a living out of what I love that somewhere along the line I stopped doing it just for the love it. So I really enjoyed sitting there yesterday and just playing. “Oh I like this colour, let’s put it there”, “Ohhhh I could totally use my new stamps for this!! Let’s do that!” “Wouldn’t that look pretty with a bow?!!”

This piece has many layers and different mediums and was done for playfulness and to put down on paper my intentions for this year. The little bow keeps together a small square of paper within which I have written my intentions as they are relevant to my chosen words which, as I was creating, I came to realise fit really well together and if utelised the way I hope for them to be will give me much clarity so I put that into the piece as well. I have begun the actual first weeks offering and will post up the finished product of that when it is done.

For now I’ll finish today’s blog post as I am about to take the kidlets to Giggle and Hoot with one of my treasured soul sisters and her kids. I love that we are gifting our children an experience but if truth be told I loathe doing things like this. The crowds drive me insane and even worse, this particular crowd is likely going to have at least twice (or thrice or more) as many children as adults and will be loud and draining. I must remember to tie in my aura and surround myself with my magic cloak before I immerse myself in the massive energies amassing for some singing and dancing! Knowing that Mr Bee is quite empathic I will also guide my kidlets in a cloaking ritual before we get out of the car too. The repercussions of Mr Bee taking on other people’s energies is not fun to deal with so it is imperative I teach him from a very young age to protect himself… it’s just hard to do that when I’m still trying to teach myself!!


Wish me luck!

In Joy!

Word of the year!

It’s 2015 and already time is flying by fast and I’m wondering how I will ever fit everything I want to get done in to the year! What about you? Is time speeding up for you, or do you find that time drags on by?

This is my 2nd year of choosing a word or words for the year. What does that even mean? If you’ve never heard of having a word for the year before you might have a quizzical look on your face right now, but never fear I will explain! First I will tell you my word of the year… or in this years case word(s).


What these words signify is something I want to aspire to this year, something that perhaps has been lacking in my life so far, or something I want more of in my life. Being in a marriage with someone I believe to have Aspergers has made communication sometimes extremely difficult. Not just like trying to communicate with someone who doesn’t speak your language, but communicating with someone who thinks in completely different ways to you. So communication is key for me. Not just with my husband, but with my children, friends, and my growing tribe (that’s you!) I have always been good with words, especially writing them. However I’m not so good at communicating my needs and wants and that is huge for me. So this year I want to really use the word Communicate to focus (focus! my other word!) on communication my needs and wants more effectively and listen to others needs and wants and respond in the best way I can.

Communication was the first word I chose but as 2014 was coming to a close I was thinking about what I need as a Creative Alchemist and where I want to go with this brand I’m trying to create here. I came to realise I need more focus. I just love EVERYTHING arty and crafty. I find a new medium or new craft and I get caught up in it, enmeshed if you will, obsessed even and I end up practicing these new techniques or crafts until I get a handle on them but end up jack of all trades, master of none. I don’t feel a driving need to master anything, but I DO want to focus on just the few things I really love so that I may share my knowledge of them with you, my tribe. So I decided as well as Communication, I need to Focus.

Therefore I have 2 words this year that I will use to keep me heading in the direction I want to be headed in. I can use these words with my art, I can use them to contemplate or meditate on, I can, when feeling scattered or down, come back to my words and look at where I can move forward from where I am right now to where I want to be. Does that make sense? So if I find myself in a downward spiral I can use Focus to find out what my thoughts are and use Communication either with someone, or with myself, to change the flow of energy from any negativity coming up.

So that is my intention for the year. I’d love to know yours if you have one. I hope you have released all the amazing (good, bad, ugly, beautiful) lessons you learned in 2014 and energetically cleared yourself, your space, your world, in preparation for all the wonderful things coming your way in 2015. It’s going to be a great year!


In Joy!