Challenge Accepted!

I came across this blog via a friend of mine, who also blogs, and they have this challenge of doing a blog post a day each month with different themes. Well, I don’t know if I will continue it or not, but for this month I’m going to give it a go. I am going to do my best to write one blog post per month. Either with their theme/prompt in mind or keeping it more relevant to the artistic and spiritual nature of what Creative Alchemy is all about. If you’re interested check out the blog here:

The weekends are for free writing and today is a Saturday. So I thought I would use today’s blog post to let you know what I’m doing this month. The theme they have given is Habits. Again, not sure I’ll stick with the theme the entire month but if I run out of other things to talk about (me? Run out of things to talk about? hahahahahaha) then I will look to their prompts.

I am also doing LifeBook 2015. I started LifeBook last year which I believe was the 3rd year Tamara LePorte has facilitated the year long art journaling workshop and I learned so many techniques and about a multitude of mediums and how to use them. I met some amazing and inspirational art teachers from around the world and each offering was always so different from the last. Of course I absolutely ADORE Tam and her lessons are always some of my most favourite. Her style is always so up my alley! I really resonate with all of her offerings and love that she often adds a touch of personal development in there with it if you want to explore that kind of thing, yet it’s not compulsory so you can just take it as an art lesson and nothing more if you want. For anyone wanting to try out art journaling I highly recommend LifeBook. For a years worth of journaling learning it is so affordable and it’s never too late to sign up as you can download all the lessons and do them at your own pace in your own time. Go check it out here:

Because I’ve just recently begun to blog, as opposed to last year when I wasn’t, I will likely blog about the pieces I create this year. I have done the warm up lesson with Tam that incorporates my words of the year which I blogged about yesterday.

Warm Up

Warm Up

The fun part about the warm up lesson with Tam is that you get to just sit there and make a mess! What isn’t fun about making a mess?!! OK, so I’m an illustrator at heart and I like my clean lines and precise application, but my Inner Child is definitely a painter and loves to just throw down colours and mediums and have fun colouring outside the lines. As I sat down and did this I actually realised it has been a few months since I last just sat and played with art. I have been so focused on learning techniques and thinking of ways to earn a living out of what I love that somewhere along the line I stopped doing it just for the love it. So I really enjoyed sitting there yesterday and just playing. “Oh I like this colour, let’s put it there”, “Ohhhh I could totally use my new stamps for this!! Let’s do that!” “Wouldn’t that look pretty with a bow?!!”

This piece has many layers and different mediums and was done for playfulness and to put down on paper my intentions for this year. The little bow keeps together a small square of paper within which I have written my intentions as they are relevant to my chosen words which, as I was creating, I came to realise fit really well together and if utelised the way I hope for them to be will give me much clarity so I put that into the piece as well. I have begun the actual first weeks offering and will post up the finished product of that when it is done.

For now I’ll finish today’s blog post as I am about to take the kidlets to Giggle and Hoot with one of my treasured soul sisters and her kids. I love that we are gifting our children an experience but if truth be told I loathe doing things like this. The crowds drive me insane and even worse, this particular crowd is likely going to have at least twice (or thrice or more) as many children as adults and will be loud and draining. I must remember to tie in my aura and surround myself with my magic cloak before I immerse myself in the massive energies amassing for some singing and dancing! Knowing that Mr Bee is quite empathic I will also guide my kidlets in a cloaking ritual before we get out of the car too. The repercussions of Mr Bee taking on other people’s energies is not fun to deal with so it is imperative I teach him from a very young age to protect himself… it’s just hard to do that when I’m still trying to teach myself!!


Wish me luck!

In Joy!

2 thoughts on “Challenge Accepted!

  1. Hi Samm, I went onto Tams LifeBook website and got excited about art again. I am just waiting till the middle of this week so I can make the full payment. I have decided to sign up for the Premium Package and have chosen Fabulous Faces as portraits are not my strong point.

    Thanks for sharing the link as it is what I need to get back into my creative ventures.

    Talk soon x

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