Day 56

Today was nothing special. I got almost all of my written assignment done for the foundations class including getting some references in there. After we talk about it Wednesday I’ll be able to wrap it up and submit it, along with the journal entry and that will be Class One done and dusted! Then I can start on the new class and work on getting the poster assignment done. The normal cleaning day happened today and I always love having a tidy loungeroom and having the floor vacuumed. Poor Bee jumped on the lounge and landed hard on his butt and likely bruised his tailbone good and proper. He couldn’t walk very well at first but by the time he went to bed tonight it was like nothing had happened. We’ll see if it is feeling stiff in the morning but I think we’re safe to say he didn’t crack it or anything.

I got out and did the entire front lawn today. That’s an anomaly for me. Normally I can only handle doing one side at a time but I got the entire front yard done today AND at least half the backyard so that is amazing. I even had to stop and turn the gas cylinder over and restart the hot water system and move TeenBoys car in the process! So that was a massive effort and I hope that shows on the scales tomorrow! I did have bacon and eggs for dinner tonight so I’m not sure if that’s a good thing or a bad thing. I mean, keto says bacon and eggs is great for you but there’s a part of my brain wants to say no, that was a naughty, naughty dinner! I actually think it was worth less calories than the salad and meat I normally have to be honest. I did have one of the mini cupcakes BabyGurl made today but it was just the tiniest little thing so I don’t know if that counts as being bad either, though I feel like if you add up each little thing I have had this week, it really shouldn’t surprise me if I don’t lose any and if I don’t I’ll be super sad.

So today, I win.

What do you think?