Day 62

Went and saw the dietitian today. Nothing special there. She weighed me and I was down to 132.1 kg which was really nice to see but as usually, it doesn’t count until Monday. Still, it would be nice to see myself get into the 131 range, especially if I got to 131.5 kg cause that would mean a 10 kg drop! That would be cause for celebration! BUT having said that, I just ate 4 lamb chops *shakes head sadly* I just shouldn’t buy lamb chops. Or I should buy the little 2 pack even though it’s more expensive or something cause I should know better. I find it difficult to not just eat it all. And it’s so expensive. I mean, I was meant to have 2 tonight and 2 tomorrow. Maybe I shouldn’t have pre-prepared and put the raw ones back in the fridge. I was just thinking I was saving time and dishes. So that is something to work on. I hope it hasn’t completely destroyed my chances of getting down into the 131 range.

Trying to work on my uni assignment today and my head is all fuzzy with too much stuff and I can’t seem to sort out my thoughts straight. This referencing bizo is giving me the shits. And having to find a minimum of 6 fucking references… 6 separate references no less! I mean, I could do 6 references, but separate ones? I’m wondering if I have to cut down on the rich description that comes first cause how I am meant to fit in 6 separate references is beyond me. I would really love to get the damn thing done and dusted by the end of the weekend and submitted. Though I do need to read for next weeks new class and I got a last minute gig tomorrow which is awesome! Also need to find time to hang out with BuddyBoy 😀

Anyway, today, I win!

What do you think?