Day 63

Well I got all my readings for Uni done and I finished the stupid 2500iword assignment. That was no easy fricking task and all I can hope for is a passing mark, the rest is up to the universe, I guess. I did my part. I tried to do some work on the stupid poster project that has pretty much set me right back to square fucking one but I’m so annoyed and so uni’d out that I gave up and just watched trashy tv instead. That has pretty much been MY ENTIRE FUCKING DAY!

I have actually had a solid eats day today too. Nothing different or extra other than a cuppa tea. No cravings or anything actually. I did really notice though that my brain kept searching for something when I was just sitting watching trashy tv. I noticed that I wasn’t hungry at all but my brain kept asking for things, chocolate, popcorn, chocolate milk. I, of course, said no, but it was interesting to note it’s yammering. It was interesting to notice me noticing too and the fact that I consciously acknowledged that I’m not even hungry I was just bored and that I don’t put stuff in my body just because I’m bored anymore. So… winning at life today.

What do you think?