Day 64

Weigh in day! Woot woot, down 1 kg on the dot. Not as much as I was hoping for but still a really good effort and better than nothing right? I am literally 400 grams away from losing my first 10 kg!! Yeap, I’m now 9.6 kg down from when I started OF and 23.9 kg since my highest recorded weight!

I have to admit, cause well I’m here to be real and honest n shit, as much as I’m grateful for the weight I’ve lost, I’m also disappointed that I can’t see a single bit of difference yet. It’s super disappointing. I’m not noticing any clothes fitting better or getting loser, I can’t see a difference at all when I look in the mirror and even when I look at the selfies I take each day, unless I really study them, I’m not seeing any difference there at all. How long does it take to notice a difference? I mean, 10 kgs is a lot of fucking weight. If I was 60 kg there would be a huge difference. But I’m not. I’m 131.9 kg and 10 kgs is really nothing in the great scheme of things so it can be disheartening and disappointing and leave me feeling like nothing is ever going to change and I’m never going to look any different.

But yay, 1 kg down this week and that is a great effort. I hope I can do another 1 kg this week or more.

Today, I won.

What do you think?