Day 65

Half uni day today. It felt yuck going while the kids were left at home with TeenBoy. It was hard enough doing my MT work yesterday with them here when all I wanted to do was just hang out with them. It took me all day just to get my minimum lines done! But at least they got to come with me to the face painting gig tonight. It’s a good one. I really do love working for BABI. They’re a great organisation. It was a non-stop 3 hours of painting too! I love how much I’m loved by them all 😀

I ate way too many LBDs today  and the kids had the fruit and chocolate fudge out when I got home so I had a bunch of that so today, I didn’t win so much cause I also haven’t made my 5000 steps because I had to drive into uni instead of train it in.

So today, not so much winning. But it’s just one day and tomorrow will be better.

What do you think?