Day 68

Today was more stressful than I thought it was going to be. Got my lines done slowly, got my gurl’s pavlova base and managed to avoid seeing one Leo only to be forced into having dinner in the presence of and talking to the other Leo. I feel completely exhausted. Then he messages me on facebook later telling me how hyper he is cause he ate too much ice cream and now he feels like going and doing karaoke. That’s nice, we are not friends. We will never be friends. You fucking destroyed me and I’m still struggling to find some of the pieces let alone put them back together again. Just because I was forced to have dinner with you because we share a child does not mean I am all of a sudden your friend or even on friendly terms with you. This was the first time I have seen you since I discovered via our daughter – not you – that you had a girlfriend. I have literally not had to look at your stupid face or talk to you in person and I like that just fine. I want nothing to fucking do with you, you are an arsehole. Arsehole isn’t even adequate to describe you. I hope and pray for her sake that she doesn’t ever have to know the you I know because no one deserves that. So I don’t give a flying fuck if you’re hyper and want to go sing karaoke. I am not going to magically start talking to you just because we share a daughter and had to have family dinner. I hope I don’t have to see or talk to you in person again until our son’s b’day and even then I wish I didn’t have to. I am so fucking done with you.

As for food, it was an ok day. I did have half a glass of fizzy but it wasn’t that good which is why I didn’t even finish it. I had a huge plate of salad which wasn’t as good as the salad I make myself at home and I ate baby gurls meat but that wasn’t really any more than I would normally eat anyway I don’t think, so I don’t feel like I cheated today at all really.

So fuck it, today, I win!

What do you think?