Day 85

Another week has begun. Weigh-in went well. I am officially down to 129.2 kg, so a 900 gram drop since I weighed-in late last week. I am happy with that. That makes me 12.3 kgs loss total since I began OF and 26.4 kg loss total from my heaviest recorded weight ever. This week I have all of $40 to spend on food so there can be no eating shit I shouldn’t cause I simply don’t have the money to allocate to it, so hopefully I can have a nice size loss for the 12th week of this journey. I’m ready to hit the 20 kg OF loss bitches.

Got 600 lines done with MT today before my brain melted and decided it just couldn’t take anymore so that was good. Not as much as I’d have liked to get done but every little bit helps. Maybe tomorrow after uni, without the kids here because he yet again changed the routine with all of less than 24 hours notice, I might be able to get another 600 lines done. If I can do that, then maybe I can make $700 for the month. That will help cover my rent. I won’t really be able to eat on my week without the kids but hey, at least we will have a house to live in. I won’t be able to buy more gas if we need it but at least we will have a roof over our heads.

Today I ate all my Lindt dark chocolate blueberry balls which is not good, it’s mean to have 6 serves in there and I had only 1 serve yesterday so at least 5 serves today but now they are gone and I am unable to afford more! So today I did not win either but then, I did win really because I didn’t have McDonalds yesterday with the kids, I am not eating chips or doughnuts or bread or pasta, I’m not drinking fizzy drink or excessive amounts of flavoured milk, so regardless of my indiscretion with the lindt chocolate balls, I feel like I still won, I’m still winning overall and as long as I just keep losing weight, then overall I will have won, I will be winning. I’m certainly not giving up, I’m certainly feeling strong enough. I certainly am still on track to get under 100 kg. So maybe, today I won.

What do you think?