Day 86

So tired again today. I’m not sure what it is but I’m a little over it. Today’s class was a pretty easy one with some interesting stuff. Still don’t much like this particular subject but it must be done, so do it I will. I’m pretty sure I already know what I’m putting into my assignment and I’ve done my part of the poster project so it’s pretty cruisy from here on out. Three more weeks until Uni holidays! Not that they are holidays cause I’ll have two 2500 word essays to write and then I’ll have to do all the reading for the next two subjects!

Managed to do over my line count this afternoon. Had to find an extra $50 just to feed me and the TeenBoy for the rest of the week :/ This doesn’t bode well for next month seeing as I didn’t quite  make the minimum amount I need to help cover my rent next month, so panic stations might be go next month. I really need a couple last minute face painting gigs to boost my funds a little. Time for me to start focusing on some magic maybe.

As for food today, I ate too much chicken and I ate two sticks of chocolate coated liquorice. I don’t know how bad that is but it kind of felt bad, so does that make it bad by default? I’m very wanty with food lately and I have to keep reminding myself that even if I am eating badly at times it’s better than I used to. I didn’t grab the doughnuts I felt like eating today, so winning!

DAY 87

All I can say is, I better lose over 1 kg this week because I have almost walked 13000 steps today. I did not expect to have to walk that far and I’m not even sure how we got about going that far actually. My body is aching, especially my back and my knee. I think pain killers will be in order for sleep tonight! At least I get to sleep in, in the morning!

As for food, I did fine, just the 2 shakes today, my huge dinner and some nuts and a couple bits of chocolate coated liquorice, so that’s not too bad… I don’t think. I mean, my dinner was HUGE but it was healthy. So today, I think I won?

What do you think?