Day Eighteen

Got my login details for the bachelor of Arts psychotherapy today and logged in. There is a lot of stuff to do before the first class even begins which is a bit overwhelming but more than that I’m such a think 10 steps ahead kind of person that of course I have to go have a look at what is expected of me over the next 6 weeks! I’m already preparing for my written assignment and my *shudder* presentation. I’m trying not to let my anxiety have too much of a say in it all or I might just not do it. I have to keep reminding myself to breathe and stop thinking that far in the future and just concentrate on right now. Right now I just have to get some reading done and get my medical transcription done and I will be fine.

Doing the pee test for the naturopath today. I’m a little concerned that I’ve drunk 2 L of water and yet barely even 1 L has come out of me. Clearly, I am retaining water and I’m not sure why that is or what that might mean but it also means that the scales are telling me I’ve put 1.5 kgs ON even though absolutely nothing has changed since the last two weeks. Unless I’m somehow secretly getting up at night and eating but I don’t know what I could be eating. I mean, I assumed it was TeenBoy getting up and eating the toast… at least I hope it was! Otherwise, what? Why? I don’t understand. Not that it matters, the mid-week weigh doesn’t count either way. As long as I go down on the Monday I’m good. I know my weight fluctuates pretty full on.

So, no particular cravings today. No uncontrollable hunger. No desire to eat sweats or anything. I went to the shops to buy some new shirts and to get some stationery and I had that urge to buy something, anything, else but didn’t. So it was a successful day really. I just hope it keeps up and come Monday I have lost another 1-2 kg.

Today, I won.

What do you think?