Day Fifteen

The first day of my 3rd week of trying to reach a healthier and more visually appearing (to the vast majority of society) weight and I fucking crushed it this week.

I managed to lose 2.6 kgs this week! That is a huge amount but still within the safe 1%-2% of body fat reduction. Soon I won’t be able to lose that much safely but for now I’m still good. Let’s face it, most of that is likely what they call ‘water weight’, whatever that is. Still it means that from when I started on 4th February 2019 weighing in at 141.5 kg, 2 weeks later I am now down to 137 kg on the dot. I hope I can keep having big numbers like this for a few more weeks. I’d love to get myself out of the 130-range before I go on camp over the Easter long weekend.

I’m super pleased with that result. For now, I still have hope that I can get to a better weight and not always feel so ashamed when I go out in public.

Sadly, I have to meet a room full of new people tomorrow at the weight I am at because it’s orientation day tomorrow, which happens to cause my gut to tighten and send a metallic taste up into my mouth. But I can do this! I got this! I’m amazing. This is going to be a good thing. The Universe will support me with this, I just need to figure out how to get myself through the next three years. Then, by the time I reach the end of those three years, I’ll be a much better weight… I hope!

Here’s to reaching my goal weight of…. Being brutally honest here… 58.5 kg!

Today, I won!

What do you think?