I woke up feeling pretty good today. I’m not sure what it was. Was it because I took the two iodine tablets and they helped? I didn’t get any extra or better sleep than usual. Was it because I spent an hour listening to Jim Kwik this morning? I don’t know. I’m not sure what it was but I woke up and I was in a pretty damn good mood and it’s sustained the whole way through the day making today a really great day. Went and bought my girl her iPhone 6 and she is super excited and happy with it and her joy gives me joy. No doubt her father hates it but I’m about giving my kids what THEY want, not what I want them to want! If iPhone gives her that much joy then why force her to be an android user until she is old enough to buy her own iPhone?

I got a little bit of study done but I feel like I need to do a bunch more before bed even though it’s already late and I have to actually go for a walk tonight because there was no walking places today like the past 3 days, so I still have just over 2000 steps to go before I reach my daily goal. I ate well today. Didn’t do any caving or craving really. Oh and bonus points, getting my girls iPhone I look outside and there’s a sheet sale and I’ve been thinking for awhile now that I really need to get us all new sheets so bam, cheap sheets for us all. The king singles were down to $10 from $35 and the queen full set was only $30 down from almost $100, so winning at life right now. I felt a bit bad about spending money on it because it is best for me to stretch my $$ as far as I can but it turns out the Universe has rewarded me and I got some study assist payments and payment for an upcoming gig already, so it kind of felt like a justification for finally buying us sheets! Next on the list, new pillows for everyone! It will feel so lovely to slide into bed tonight on clean sheets and a clean pillowcase.

Today, I definitely won. Today has been a great day!

What do you think?