Day Forty

40 days I have now been doing this and I have to admit, today was a slacker. I didn’t have 3 shakes today, just two, I ate a bunch of popcorn and had a bunch of mnm’s and my dinner was mostly just cheese and a couple salady things. So, I didn’t do a good job today. Having said that, roughly, my caloric intake was still in a good range and I walked up all those damn steps again and down the steps. So I’m hoping I did a good lot of burning to make up with my not so good eating today.

The four hours at LA went so quick and I feel worried that I didn’t do well enough. I hope I did. It would be interesting to have a job there and earn better money and perhaps have more time to study and/or play. I had thought maybe I could still do 200 lines of MT 5 days a week with OzeScribe but after coming home today after just 4 hours, I just couldn’t sit here and do the 500 lines I needed to do.

I’m still so torn about the whole thing.

She said she would call me on Monday. I will try not to think about that. I have a whole weekend of study and cleaning ahead of me and I need to make up for the lines I didn’t get finished today.

Today, I don’t feel like I won so much when it came to the releasing of fat journey but today was one day and tomorrow is another, so tomorrow, I will win… I hope.

What do you think?