Day Sixteen

I stepped into my bigness today. I went to orientation for my bachelor of art psychotherapy and not only did I do that but I volunteered to go first introducing the person I was sitting next to. You have to understand, I have a sometimes-debilitating social anxiety, so that was pretty fucking big for me, yeah?

Then I came home and I agreed to take on a $45000 loan so I could even do the course 😮 Then, I sat here for hours doing my MT work for a piddly $8/hr just so I can pay rent and feed my kids wondering how on earth I’m going to pull off all of this for the next three years :/

I have been really hungry the past two days and I’m not entirely sure why. I think maybe I burned so many calories over the weekend my body is trying to convince me to give the back? I haven’t… given them back that is. Also, I forgot to have my 3rd shake last night before bed so that might explain my hunger today. I will have one before bed tonight though and see if I can get back to the not feeling hungry thing. Feeling hungry just makes it that much harder to say no, though having said that, I’m still not having any major cravings or inner tantrums about food, which I am incredibly thankful for.

I feel like I am tracking along well right now. At least where it comes to education/future career and better health/body. The emotional/spiritual still needs a bit of work but baby steps, right?

Oh, and that inspection that was meant to happen today? It got fucking cancelled! Which means I will have to do all this fricking cleaning again in a couple weeks including all the damn lawn mowing, grrrrr.

Today, I won!

What do you think?