Day Sixty

Not much to report today really. Did my MT lines. Let myself sleep-in til almost 9 am, figured I deserved it after yesterday. Dropped TeenBoy to work, came home did my lines, did some study, picked up TeenBoy, got his dad a cake for his b’day today, went to his dad’s gave him his present and cake, Storme had some cake, I petted MC lots and it was cute cause he kept patting me with his paw to get me to pat him more. Home, made me and the TeenBoy an omelette. Never really made one before. Added sauted mushrooms and chicken to it, some herb or other, salt, pepper and cheese. It was actually really delicious! It was so good I’m full so I won’t be having my night OF. I imagine the eggs will keep me going safely through the night. Just back from my walk now and starting to feel super tired. Not as tired as last Thursday though, so that’s a bonus. I think it could have something to do with my 9 hours of sleep!

So, today I win.

What do you think?