Day thirty-eight and thirty-nine

So I missed yesterday. Not on purpose. I was just so tired I missed a lot of shit. I actually didn’t turn my PC on all day yesterday so there was no reminder to do blog or even my food log yesterday. I’m all caught up with the food log though I did miss yesterday and I couldn’t be arsed doing a separate post for it so it will get lumped in tonight.

Yesterday was a full uni day and it was the juicy stuff I really love and why I was drawn to doing the course to begin with. It was a good day for sure. The only downside to it was that I fell and I fell hard. The ground was slightly uneven which rolled my ankle and had me land pretty hard on the ground. So hard I am pretty sure I bounced. I have no doubt it would have looked fucking hilarious but I must have hit hard enough to cause concern because the bus driver slowed down and stopped the bus to make sure I was alright although the guy walking in front of me turned around to help. I didn’t need it or want it but it was nice that he did, it was nice that if I actually needed help that I had it, like if I’d broken my ankle then I would have had people to help. Embarrassing but grateful there are good humans in the world. I wasn’t paying attention to where I was walking, I was too busy trying to get out my gocard and stuff my purse back in my bag and get to the stupid train on time. So I hobbled my way to the station after that, thankfully I wasn’t too far from it. My ankle of course swelled up like a fucking water balloon and was aching like crazy. Getting from the train back to my car was hell.

It meant I couldn’t do anything when I got home. I just sat on the lounge, hung with the kids, ate my salad and went to be really early because I was flat out exhausted. I fell asleep really quickly despite my impending job interview or whatever it was today.

I woke up before the alarm too, which is great. If I start working at this place I’m going to have to learn to get up early and go to bed earlier, even though it turns out I have to do morning and night shifts to share the load, which screams ridiculous to me, why do that to your body? Shift work sucks. But it just means when I do late shift I have to try to wind down enough to get to sleep quicker cause I won’t get home until pretty much bedtime on that week. The interview, or whatever it was, went well. Despite my sore ankle I walked around just fine. I had called in the archangels, my angels and allies to help me heal my ankle as much as possible last night and I slept with it constantly raised no matter which side I was sleeping on and I also set my reiki to work on it through the night too, so I think all of that combined helped.

I got a 4 hour trial of working for these people tomorrow so I hope my typing speed is up to scratch and I can kick out some quick and super accurate files for them and I blow their mind with my mad skills and I get to actually earn an hourly wage in the process, so that is great. I’m pretty sure I have the job as long as I want it after tomorrow provided I do a good job. I hope they take a lot of things into account, like they are giving me unfamiliar specialities and these will be brand new dictators and also I don’t know their style guide or anything like that. I will learn quickly and I do type quickly, I just hope they take all of that into account because I think having this job will be great. I think I could potentially still do 1000 lines a week for Oze as well as this new job, as well as full-time uni as well as my face painting and somehow find time to … you know… live. Maybe?

I have to walk up a shit load of stairs to get to them too, but I actually really love that! It will be a great calorie burner and fitness thing. If I do end up working for them when I have my lunch break I think I’ll drink my shake and then go down and up the stairs again just for the hell of it.

It was interesting yesterday actually, I wanted to note here, that after I hurt myself my brain started yabbering on about how I hurt myself so I needed comfort food and how carbs are the best comfort food so I needed to get some bread into me. I didn’t but it was interesting to notice that was where my brain went. It leapt on me hurting myself as, what it thought was, a valid excuse to eat badly. My brain realised fairly quickly that I wasn’t going to take this as a valid excuse to eat poorly and gave up, which is great because it meant it didn’t last long, the yabbering. So yesterday was a good food/eating better day and today has been too.

Though, today I DID have a slurpee and a couple of m&ms. But I’m ok with that because I did over 8000 steps today and that set of stairs, plus the train station stairs, were a good workout that raised my heartrate nice and good, so I feel like having those sugary things, while they took me out of ketosis, was still overall ok and I do not think it will be detrimental to my overall removal of weight journey that I’m on.

So despite my lapse in zero sugar, I still won! Two days in a row, I still won.

What do you think?