Day Thirty-Five

Nothing special about today. It wasn’t hard to stay on track, no grocery store visits. Didn’t even leave the house. I will soon for my nightly walk but otherwise I’ve been in all day studying and hopefully learning how to learn faster and remember better. I have a good memory as it is so I hope this makes me remember even better. It should, it cost me a lot of money but I see it as an investment. An investment in my future, in a better life for me and the kids and in the kids futures. If I get really good benefit from this course then I can pass the techniques on to my kids and they will be their best selves as well.

All-in-all today was an easy day, so there isn’t anything to write about but I committed to writing something for every day of my journey so I could look back and see what I went through, when I went through it, how I went through it, how I survived etc. So today’s entry is short but…

I win!

What do you think?