Day Thirty-four

Got to face paint today. Wasn’t my best but at least I got to do some designs. I wasn’t bad either I just had a lot of little squirmy children in the seat and they are definitely not conducive to being painted. I hate parents who try to force their kids to be painted and for what? Honestly, face painting is meant to be for the kids who WANT to be painted. Don’t make your kids get painted when they don’t even understand what it is. Still, it was a good day and a good way to earn money.

Then it was home for more work of the MT kind and I managed to get through my 200 line pledge even though I was super tired. The rest of the day has been about studying. Reading for next week and also transferring last weeks stuff into the journal as a way to assimilate the knowledge better into my head. I think it works this way. I do the reading and think what the fuck does this have to do with anything, go to class and discuss some stuff, do some experientials and get a slightly better idea of what it’s all about then transfer it into my journal afterwards and thinks begin to click into place. Learning how to speed read has definitely helped me. I don’t feel like I’m bogged down in all this reading now. I’ve signed up for a masterclass which I have a feeling is really just a taste testing tease to get me to spend money on the full course but if I can glean anything out of it then it’ll be 80 minutes well spent. It’s to help you remember better and learn faster. So, hopefully it helps. If not, then maybe I’ll win $500 along the way somewhere before April 1st and I can buy the course.

So that’s been my day. It means I haven’t reached my 5500 step goal, only made it just over 4000 but that’s still good. Such is life I guess.

Today, I won.

What do you think?