Day Thirty-Seven

I’m tired and… well tired. My tired is tired. My tired tired’s tired is tired. I didn’t sleep well last night, it took me forever to fall asleep so I only had about 4 hours, then to spend half the day in class with people and trying to comprehend shit and learn shit… I’m just so very tired. Then I have tomorrow and the next day of stressful shit and out of the house shit. I am so looking forward to Friday where I just get to be home all day other than driving the kids around, though I might take them for a swim at the Lagoon. Well the Beester I might, Miss Roar is off galavanting around the city with her friend.

I notice when I’m this tired I’m less likely to give a fuck about how/what I’m eating. I mean, I didn’t fall off the wagon but my foot was definitely dragging along the ground. I almost had a slurpee but instead I drank half a big bottle of aloe vera juice. I know aloe is good for you and all but with how sweet it tastes, I don’t know that it’s THAT good. Yes, the first sugary thing in it is fructose, so there isn’t even any of the nasty sugar, but still there is sugar in there and I really need to not consume sugar. Of course, when I’m tired, that’s all I bloody well want.

Then of course, being Tuesday, I have to do my MT work as well. So I’ve only just finished right before bed time. I got a lot more lines than I pledged and that is great because more lines means more money but fuck I can barely concentrate and it’s giving me a headache. I worry that I’m going to end up sick except I’m an exceptionally healthy person, it’s genetic, I can’t help it lol.

I’m in two minds about this job I’m interviewing for on Thursday. It’s quite a perfect fit for me but it means leaving the house at like 5.20 … IN THE FUCKING MORNING! I’m not a morning person :/ Holy fucking shit. If it turns out I get it I’m gonna have to start getting up 15 minutes early every three days and trying to go to bed 15 minutes earlier every three days. It’s the going to bed part I’ll struggle with. Firstly, getting to bed before 11 but then when I do, actually getting to sleep! Oh well, it’s with the Universe. I’m going in and I’m going to give them what I have and if I get the job great, if I don’t then thems the breaks and I continue to struggle with Oze instead.

Other than the aloe vera juice though, all in all, today, I won.

What do you think?