Day Twelve

Went into Ikon today to have a group meeting. Felt like it was a waste of time but it had to be done and when I got home… got my letter of acceptance. I can now say I am officially a student working toward a Bachelor of Arts Psychotherapy. I am worried about how I’m going to fit it all in, find the time, afford to survive in the meantime. I have worries coming up about getting the triads done this time and finding placement. I am excited by the idea of it and I look forward to the future it affords me but this little anxiety-addicted brain of mine wants to run around like a chook without it’s head on.

I can do this… right? I can do this. I can call on my angels and allies and higher self and guardian angels and ancestors to give me strength, courage and tenacity to get this done. It’s a three-year commitment. Three years. But it will also be a #bucketlist accomplishment, which is to get a Bachelor degree. I was never sure what field I wanted the degree in but I always wanted it. A bachelor of arts is what I thought but I have always also had a pull toward psychology, so it turns out this bachelor of arts psychotherapy is quite perfect.

The food thing was fine, as it has been for 12 days now. I’m quite pleasantly surprised and super hopeful it means by my birthday I have the potential to reach my goal weight. That is if I can sustain a 2kg/week loss. However, all my research and all I have been told says that isn’t possible. I will hit a plateau, I won’t lose 2kgs ever week and of course, as I drop weight my BMR will also go down and I will need to up my caloric burn to sustain the loss. If I can keep up an average 1 kg loss all year then I can potentially get under 100 kgs by birthday and that is what I’m hoping for. I have hope for that.

Today, I won again!

What do you think?