Day Twenty-Eight

Well, I have official made it 4 weeks on OF without any bread, without any pasta, without any fizzy, no biscuits, no pastry, no doughnuts, no chocolate other than the chocolate I put into my coffee in the mornings. That’s pretty damn good. I resisted weighing myself this morning because official weigh-in day is tomorrow. I really hope I have more than just a 300 g drop this week. It wasn’t promising in the middle of the week when I was 1 kg up again. I don’t know what I’m doing wrong or what I can do better to be honest. Yeah, this week was rough and tonight at dinner, the kids got Subway and holy hell my whole body was screaming for bread. I didn’t cave. I got through it. I know I just need to get through the moment, maybe acknowledge it but I can get through it. So… I’m not sure why I’ve gone from two big loss weeks to two barely anything loss weeks. The couple of cheats I did surely weren’t that detrimental.

I see the naturopath on Thursday with the results of my 24-hour urine test and then the dietitian on Friday, so maybe together they might have some insight or suggestions for me. I even walked faster than normal tonight which had my heartrate up a little more and had me huffing and puffing a bit more than normal. I may even consider doing one of the 8 rounds in the Les Mills Body Combat videos I have each day, see if that helps. Otherwise, I really don’t know what else to do. I’m just unwilling to cut back on my coffee and I’m also unwilling to have smaller salads. I mean, it’s a salad for fucks sake and I’m not willing to eat less meat. I love meat.

I guess I’ll see what the scales say tomorrow morning but as of yesterday, I was still 300 g off even being at Monday’s weight. So today, I need to have lost over 300 g just to make a loss this week. I have done a whole lot of nothing but sitting here reading shit for Uni all weekend though and I do sit here doing nothing but typing all day when I’m not doing Uni stuff, so my life is super sentient. Not sure how to fix that. Maybe having been at Uni all day and the stress of social anxiety raised my heartrate enough for me to burn more calories than normal and I’ll have a good week this week on the scales. I burned over 9000 calories this week and they say 7700 calories equates to 1 kg, mind you I did over 8000 last week and only lost 300 g, so… who fucking knows. My intuition is telling me it could be the hypoxia and/or the detox tablets the naturopath gave me. I find myself needing more than just 1 magnesium tablet a day since taking those tablets.

Either way, today, I won.

What do you think?