Day Twenty-Five

They say it takes 7 days to break a habit, 21 days to form a new one and a year to solidify that new one. Well, not sure if I have formed a new habit yet but let’s hope so. I had a much better eating day today. We’re nearing the end of the week where all the yummy foods have now been consumed by the kids and any extra bits I got for me have now been consumed also. I still have some aloe vera juice left but the glass I drink is very negligible when it comes to calorie intake. Having said that when I did my mid-week weight that doesn’t count I was 1 kg up again. I just don’t get it. I have faith I’ll be down on official weigh-in day again but I was really hoping for bigger losses and if I’m down mid-week that’s a good indication for a bigger loss. I really wanna see 135.something on the scale when I hope on, on Monday. I’m not giving up hope. I think I retained a lot of water yesterday because of being out of the house and in an environment with people I’m not comfortable with, so instead of peeing as much as I normally would, I only went a couple times yet I went through almost 2 litres of water through the day. Yet today I did a lot of peeing this morning and so maybe I was releasing a lot of what I retained yesterday.

I have barely had anything today, plus I made my step goal of 5500 and now it’s time for sleep. I really enjoy the book learning part of this course. I’m currently reading an excerpt from a book that questions what health and illness is and how is it defined and what governs its definition and shows how people are all going to view what is and is not healthy differently. It’s super interesting and I’m thoroughly enjoying it. I admit I also love the critiques against the medical model because it all resonates with me! I got a fair bit of study done today and I am happy with that though I’m still feeling like there aren’t enough hours in the day for me to get done what needs to get done. I guess we will see. I didn’t watch any tv tonight and that helped. I may have to quit TV altogether for the next 3 years!

Anyway, as it goes, today, I won!

What do you think?