Day Twenty-Nine

Got on the scales and it read 137.3 kg putting me 600 grams up… I was like, what the fuck? That was straight outta bed. So, I did the morning rituals, got the kids lunch and jumped on again, scales said 136.7 kg meaning I was at the same weight I was last week. Dropped kids off, went to the shops quick, came home and thought fuck it, I’ve peed two more times, lets see what I’m at. 136.2 kg. Ummm, say what? Jump on the scale immediately 136.7 kg, ok maybe I misread the 2 and it was a 7 all along. One last time for the dummies, 136.6 kg. You know what? I’m going with 136.6 kg so I can at least say I lost 100 grams this week even though I had a 9000 calorie deficit.

I’m going to put it down to I was premenstrual last week as I found out this morning and therefore likely retaining water, perhaps the detox tablet things the naturopath has me on, and likely the stress of starting uni and freaking out about money and shit. So I’ll cut myself a break and hope I get a better loss come next Monday.

Today, I did the same old same old despite the disheartening result on the scales this morning. So today, I won.

What do you think?