Day Twenty-Six

Because I now do my bachelor course (BAP), I have to no longer do my medical transcription work (MT) on Wednesdays. While I do not get paid a hell of a lot of money for that, it still helps me pay my rent and keep my children fed, so that means instead of doing between 500 and 600 lines a day, I need to have days like today where I got over 1100 lines done. The only problem is, that leaves me kind of brain dead and it doesn’t always work so well. Some days I speed through and get 500 lines done by midday, other days I’ve barely done 200 lines by midday. It could be that I’m tired, or distracted or it could be that the dictators are harder, taking more of my time, I have to research more, I can’t find the associates etc. This leaves me feeling a little scared at times at how I’m meant to survive and get this degree done at the same time.

I did really well with the eating again today. No cravings, no cavings. I’m surprised that in two more days I’ll have been doing this for 4 weeks already. That simply blows my mind. It has been a lot easier than I ever expected. We are getting to the gritty part though, where I have to really push through and struggle a little. If I can manage to keep this going for 6 months to a year… that would be so amazing. I just have to keep my driving factor at the forefront. I’m ready to stop being Samm the Morbidly Obese.

Today, I won!

What do you think?