I got bit by the Polyclay bug and now….

… I can’t stop!!


But that’s ok! Cause it’s fun and if I get good enough maybe I can start selling these little guys to you and that would be pretty awesome don’t you think? Of course, being me, and if you know me, I am so drawn to dragons that it has become the main thing I find myself sculpting! It is just so much fun… see…


This one has my very first attempt at a dragon in the background and a few cute little birds that I discovered a tutorial for over here at http://polymerclaycentral.com/masterindex.html#lessonsprojects


My next few dragons, they all had to be hand painted cause I didn’t have any coloured polyclay at that point, except the one in the background with the teeny tiny little fairy sitting on his leg, they are made from coloured polyclay. I have to say it is a LOT easier and less time consuming to work with coloured polyclay!


Yet another dragon styled in a similar way to one of my most favourite dragons I’ve created ever who goes by the name of Boo. Perhaps this is one of his cousins!


I really love the foldy ripply effect of the thin clay and after doing a bunch of cute dragons I decided I wanted to do a more vicious look one. This one hasn’t been baked yet but I’ll put him in the oven in the next day or two. What I am finding though is once baked the spikes, teeth, small protrusions are easily broken which I really don’t like. I’m not entirely sure what to do about that other than to keep them closer and pressed down together but that isn’t usually the kind of look I’m going for. So I’m not sure how to combat that. Am I baking them too long? And if so, what about the rest of the clay sculpture if it needs to be baked longer. Or am I not baking them long enough? Though I don’t see that as being an issue. I think what I need is an oven thermometer as I’m not entirely convinced my oven bakes at the same temperature I set it as.


This is just a little cutie I tried to use up some of my left over polymer clay on. Not much detail, no armature, but I think she is small enough that it won’t matter.


This one is modeled off a dragon I already own and I absolutely adore him! The one I own doesn’t have any wings so technically it’s probably more a dinosaur than a dragon, so I had to turn this one in to a dragon. The one I own also has clothes on and is pulling it’s pants down. I think this one is much cuter without clothes on. I also gave this my own twist, not only with the wings but with the spikes going up the spine and the two little horns on the top of it’s head.  This one is just so cute!! He only stands about an inch high but his cheeky little attitude is sky high!!

So that’s been my obsession with polyclay lately. I’d like to get really good really quick and put some of these guys up on my etsy store or madeit store. What do you think? Would you buy one of these little critters?

I want to actually glaze them, only I’m unsure what kind of glaze to use. So I guess I can experiment on all these little new guys to see what ones work best. Thanks for reading and have a colourful day!

In Joy!

What do you think?