Ink, Ink, Ink!!!

Ink is fast becoming my most favourite medium of them all… wait, becoming? I think it always has been! It’s just that in the past couple years I’ve come to discover just how versatile ink is. See, when I was younger I just thought ink was a ball-point pen and that was it. But that is just the tip of a very large iceberg! So come with me on a journey of ink discovery 😀



This is some of my current collection of ink. In this photo you can see my Copic Markers and multiliners, there are uniball pens, posca markers, artline pens and markers, sharpie markers, Tim Holtz distress stain markers, my collection of sakura pens including gelly roll, metallic and souffle, my copic atyou spica pens and of course my beautiful purple feather fountain pen. My inks that you can’t see are some of my acrylic ink pots, my spray inks and drip inks, ink pads and of course my fountain pen dipping ink. And that’s not all the different sorts out there. I have another set of sakura pens on their way and I have just purchased some pilot parallel pens that I’m excited to receive and I would love to try out some faber castel pit pens! The list goes on. Just as I think I have all the different ink and pens I want I discover more!

Inks have many different formulas, you can get acrylic inks, pigment inks, water-based ink, archival ink. I by no means know everything there is to know about inks so there is probably even more than just that. They are all used for different things, have different purposes and different application methods. If you know me at all you will know that copic is my absolute favourite of them all. The colour range is VAST, the application is easy and just like being a kid colouring in again and one of the best things about copic is you buy the pen or marker just once and then you can buy refills, both in ink and the nibs. I love that! I even have their refillable multiliners.


They come in a beautiful, smooth metal barrel. The long packet on the right is the ink sponge that gets inserted when the ink runs out. The small packet on the bottom left is a replacement nib. I don’t have all the sizes but I have a good range from 0.05 up to 0.7. I’ve discovered that I’m quite heavy handed with pens so when using the 0.05 and the 0.1 I have to stay very present and conscious not to push too hard or I end up losing the nib very quickly. Another great thing about the copic multiliners is that they are archival and copic proof. Copic proof means they won’t smudge or bleed if you put copic markers over the top and they won’t stain your copic marker nibs. I could rattle on for hours about inks and the different ones and what to do with them, but for today I wanted to show you a step by step on how to do some funky lettering of a quote that you could blue-tac on your toilet wall and read like an affirmation every day (my wall is full of them!).

So to start with, you need to have your paper, your pens and markers of choice, or pencils or crayons or whatever you have to use. I will, of course, be using copics. The quote I’ve chosen is ‘Happiness. It isn’t about getting what you want all the time. It is about loving what you have and being grateful.’ The first thing I decided to do was write HAPPINESS down the side of the paper in big block letters using my thickest multiliner.


I had also decided I wanted a flower or two as decorations on the page, so I drew in a flower and flower out from that flower I drew some wavy lines to start writing the quote on in different lettering styles. I decided to use a smaller 0.2 sized nib for the lettering, that way I could have some variation with the words by having some thinner and others thicker.


Once that was done I pulled out my thicker nib again and I started giving a bit more depth to the lines and completely outlined the word happiness so it popped out of the page. I also went in andstarted deocrating the words to make them each unique to themselves. I left some thin, made others thicker, put patterns in to some of the spaces and in the white space around the word happiness. I also filled in the flower.


Next comes the fun part… COLOURING!!!! I am such a kid 😀 Using my copic sketch I put a touch of colour here and there all over the page. I added another flower at the bottom. When I am doing a piece of art I always try to concentrate on 2 things. 1. Keeping the colour palette roughly the same. I tend to choose 1-3 main colours with 1 or 2 complimentary colours. In this case I have chosen teal, purple and magenta with complimentary colours of yellow and orange. 2. If I put a colour or an element in one part of my piece, try to put it somewhere else as well. For instance the flower. I had one, but decided to put another one down the bottom. I coloured one flower in magenta tones so I put some magenta in to the wording, same with the purple and teal.


To finish it all off I deviated slightly from my inks for a moment to add in some pan pastels because they are fun to use and have a really lovely soft look and it gives the background a bit of kick. Again, sticking as much as possible to the colour palette I had already chosen. The very last touches were adding some white uniball signo pen and some sakura gelly roll. The Sakura gelly roll you probably can’t really see in the photo as it is a glittery pen and glitter doesn’t show well in photos, however I did use those pens to fill in a couple of the spaces in the words throughout the piece.


So there it is. I hope you enjoyed it and you give it a go yourself. Have some fun with ink and get ready for INKtober! From October 1st to October 31st, try to draw or doodle something with ink every single day. I will be doing my best to, so I’d love you to join me and perhaps post some of your inktober drawings in the comments, or head on over to my facebook group – The Creative Cauldron – and request to join and share your work there.

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In Joy <3

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    • I definitely do. Being creative is closely attached to my life force. Also I hope my creativity gives others a lot of happiness too 🙂 I’m hoping my little positive quotes will help inspire my children and husband to think positive as well 😀

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