LifeBook 2015 – Lesson One with Tam

I finally finished my art piece in response to Tamara Leporte’s first Life Book class for 2015. As usual the photo just doesn’t do it justice.


I walked in to my studio this morning and she just glittered and sparkled up at me from the table I had left her on all night to dry properly and seeing her just filled me with so much joy! The photo doesn’t show the sparkle of glitter all down the left side where the white bubbles are, nor does it show the bit of glitter held within the pentagram staff or the glitter in each petal of hair. It also doesn’t show that the pearls upon her brow are raised and also have bits of very small cosmetic grade glitter in it too. Then of course is the heart. Yeap, all filled with glitter. Oh how I love glitter!!

I love to use Tam’s classes as a kick-board as such to help me along with my own piece. As a general rule I watch her entire class first then go out to the studio and do what I remember in my head with my own person touches and slight changes. I really enjoy that we can do that with each lesson in Life Book or if you’re just beginning and learning you can copy her piece to the absolute letter.

As I was starting out doing the face of my ‘Beacon of Light’ the phrase ‘Love like your life depends on it’ floated through my head and I literally wrote it down on my desk. Yeap. In pencil on my desk. I know it won’t stay there and at the end of the day, it’s my art desk so I really don’t care what ends up on it! So right then I knew it was the phrase I was going to use in the piece. I also have a message in my magical lettering up the staff.

I wanted to show my beacon of light to be VERY happy and full of light so that is why I chose to lift her cheeks up so they scrunched her eyes slightly and give her a big open mouthed, toothy smile. Tam’s piece is all in golds and yellows but I really wanted a slightly different colour blended in with the whole thing but I didn’t want it to just be out of nowhere. So I did the background with a soft magenta and then used the same colour in her headwrap (I just remembered I was totally going to give her a knot and have it trail away like a scarf.. d’oh! I knew there was going to be something to help feel that large space on the left there!!) and also put it in her sleeves.

Of course I had to outline everything in my favourite sakura black glaze pen cause I just adore nice black outlines, I think it’s the illustrator in me. It keeps everything neat and in place!

I really enjoy doing mixed media work, however it’s not the stuff that makes my soul sing. Not like illustration does and using copics.

If you’ve been reading my posts so far this year you’ll know that one of my words for the year is FOCUS. The reason that came about is because I really want to focus on figuring out exactly what it is Creative Alchemy brings to the world. What exactly am I offering? It keeps floating around in my head in a confused misbehaving ghost that I seem incapable of putting my finger on and holding down so I can get a good look and feel for what it is.

I listened to Tamara LePorte’s interview over here this afternoon: and there were a few things she said that really stuck with me and one of the more potent things was to do what makes you happiest, or something along those lines. (I have an amazing memory but it is not eidetic!) So I pondered on that a little. Getting out in to my shed makes me happy – well, when it’s not boiling hot and sticky out there anyway. Getting to play with ALL my different supplies makes me happy, however what is it that I am happiEST playing with?

It really shouldn’t have taken me as long as it did to realise. For those who have known me for the past year at least, even you could have sat there, rolled your eyes at me, and told me what it is. Copics of course! My favourite medium is copics. I really do enjoy mixed media, and I would use my copics within the mixed media genre however they are SO precious to me and quite expensive that I don’t want to risk ruining a nib by using it on a medium that destroys the fibres or some such thing! I don’t want to use the inks in the refill bottles because they are expensive too, part of me wishes I had two full sets, one just for illustration and the other for mixed media. Or even a set of the cheaper mepxy brand.

So ok, got my favourite medium to work with, the one that I feel happiest using but I don’t want to sell them. What to do with them? I have a children’s book I’ve come up with but I’m really unhappy with the illustrations and I hate it when I have to do the same thing over and over and over again. I’m easily bored! That’s why I love having so many different projects going at a time with so many different mediums. Quilling, polyclay, painting, mixed media, illustration…. etc. So what then? OK, what do I love drawing? Dragons. Mandalas. Fairies. Mermaids. Yeah, but I don’t want to just sell prints. What is something else that stirs my passion? Again, listening to Tam mention how she never set out to be a teacher, people just said she would make a good one and eventually started asking her to teach them and a little bell went off in my head. I’ve heard a number of times from people how I would make a good teacher and I love teaching when I can push that fear aside. Ok, so teaching. Teaching copics? Well, as much as I know them inside and out and upside and all things in-between there’s only so many things you teach about copics before everyone is an expert.

So I don’t know. I still don’t have a clear focus on where I am going. But I feel a small step closer and that’s got to be good right? Teaching, copics, mythological creatures. I’d also love to add in my metaphysical healing, spirituality stuff as well. I do love teaching basics too because I think no matter how well you get in any particular field it is always good to go back to basics. *sigh* You know, I’m already on the path to what it is I want to do and offer with my business. You know what my issue is? I need to just do what needs to be done and at the moment I’m stuck having to edit videos and that is not something that makes me happy. It is tedious and mind numbing and a little daunting hearing myself. I just want to do the fun part of demonstrating to people then have it magically appear online, be marketed well enough that people want to pay me to learn from me and voila. Unfortunately that is not how a business is run when you are a solopreneur! When it’s just you, you have to do it all. You have to do the boring, tedious hard work, the nitty gritty minor details.

I should probably be doing some of that right now instead of sitting here blogging. Procrastinating yet again. I need to stop finding things to help me procrastinate. I want to get things done. The sooner I edit the last two videos of my beginner mandala course the sooner I get to start recording my beginner copic course! So shut up Samantha and FOCUS! Right?

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