More fun with Ink

To say I’m obsessed would not be accurate, as I’m not constantly thinking about inks, however I do love to play with them and come up with new projects all the time. I may be slightly obsessed with doing up inspirational or positive quotes lately to stick all over the bathroom wall. Some of them may or may not be aimed directly at the Hubbster or Kidlets 😛 A lot of them are for me to read and take in every day though.

Today I have been playing with some new techniques and ways of creating the quotes. I started off with using my fun spray inks and some stencils to create a heap of beautiful, colourful backgrounds on various types of paper. I have bought about 4 different brands of paper to try out so I can decide for myself which paper I like the best. It also helps me help other people with what paper they might like by being able to describe to people what each type is like before they go buying it. At the end of the day, it doesn’t matter what kind of paper I have, I will make do with what I’ve got and I can use it all for something at some point. So buying a bunch of different ones works for me anyway.

Having said that, I have discovered over the past couple years that I do prefer hot-pressed mixed media paper. When you hear hot-pressed just think of someone ironing. The paper is thick but smooth. Cold-pressed paper still has a lot of texture in it, which can be useful especially if you are a pastel user (which I’m also loving lately) but as far as making my journals and playing I really do prefer the smooth stuff.

Seems I ended up on a bit of a tangent there! Back to the program of inks and quotes. Once I had fun getting dirty and creating colour papers I then RIPPED IT UP!! *gasp* yes! All that fun and effort just to rip up the paper, you got it. Ahhh, the fun I get to have doing arty crafty stuffs 😀 Some of it I ripped into small strips which I then used to write today’s quote on which is:

Most of the problems in life are because of two reasons. We act without thinking or we keep thinking without acting.

I feel that is quite appropriate for my marriage actually. I tend to act without thinking and hubby tends to just keep thinking without actually doing anything! Sometimes we actually balance out nicely.

Once the quote was written I then pasted the strips on to a larger piece of colourful paper in a contrasting colour and added my final touches. A few beads, flowers, wings and of course my white uniball and glittery sakura pens. And this, Constant Reader, is the finished product…




I hope you like it, I’d love to hear what you think of it in the comment section below or on the link to this blog on my facebook page. 

Until we meet again in the land of cyber, Stay Creative and Keep Smiling! In Joy <3

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