Remember to check out my YouTube Channel!

Have you been to my YouTube channel yet? I will periodically be putting up free videos there. I will post about all sorts of things so be sure to check it out.


Right now you can view a flip-through of one of my journals here:


Or this is a fast forward of me doing mandalas:

If you like mandalas and want to create your own in a similar style to mine keep your eyes out for my upcoming Mandala beginners course. If you just want to own one of my mandalas then make sure you sign up to my mailing list for my 100 days of Mandalas starting on 1st September. Get in quick while they are still cheap 🙂 $1 for the first one, $2 for the next one, $10 for the tenth one right up to $100 for the one hundredth one! Exciting stuff. Looking forward to seeing YOUR email on my mailing list! Sign up is on the menu to the right 🙂

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