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Hello! I love you. You are welcome here. In all that you are.

What is Creative Alchemy? Well, it’s about changing in creative ways. If we don’t change we become stagnant and with that we will slowly wither and die. Part of life is change. Everything in life changes is some way. Well here it’s about finding a creative way to do so.

What you can find on this site.


Right now there isn’t much here, but I am hoping within the next 12 months what is here will grow and change, just like everything does in life. For now I am hoping to begin blogging on a regular basis. I would also like to offer art e-courses, as well as reiki and crystal bed healing sessions. I also practice intuitive readings using things like tarot or oracle cards if that is of interest.

I hope to better define who and what I’m doing here in the coming few months so until then I hope you bear with me and not laugh too much at my novice flounderings. Any tips and hints along the way are always welcome here and I do love feedback. If there is something you don’t like or disagree with feel free to share that as well, my only boundary is that you speak from the heart. Speak to heal not harm. Speak to teach not torture. We are all carrying around our own personal baggage and we all have triggers, but here, in MY little corner of the interwebs I ask that you speak with love, especially when it’s something that could be taken the wrong way. Remember here online we don’t see the nuances of body language or tonality. So be gentle, be loving while upholding your authenticity. You can be honest, but it doesn’t have to be brutal, it can be kind and loving. Anything else will just be deleted and ignored.

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