Something fun.

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Currently I am….
1. Thinking…… about how I can get more productivity in to my day and put my name out there for people to know who I am and what I have to offer.
2. Enjoying….  air conditioning on a humid day.
3. Feeling… frustrated and unfocused
4. Wearing… my new teal fitbit band and a dress.
5. Needing….. more emotional and financial support in my life.
6. Wanting…. to get out of the house more and spend time at the beach without feeling so tired I can barely lift a finger afterwards.
7. Listening…. to what people are really saying
8. Making…. some vision cards to help me stay focused on where I want to be this time next year
9. Eating…. as healthy as I possibly can with the constant struggle that goes on in my head.
10. Drinking…. more and more water all the time. I haven’t had any coke cola in so long I don’t remember the last time I had it, some days I really crave it.


What about you?

One thought on “Something fun.

  1. Currently I am….
    1. Thinking…… about the class I’m teaching this morning 
    2. Enjoying…. my first cuppa for the day.
    3. Feeling… much more human after a weekend of feeling like crap
    4. Wearing… a singlet and pj pants .
    5. Needing….. to go grocery shopping – Mother Hubbard is complaining :O
    6. Wanting…. actually not wanting for much at the moment .
    7. Listening…. to the fan that is keeping me cool
    8. Making…. a special present for a good friend – it’s nearly finished 
    9. Eating…. bleurgh – before 10am? Hell no! lol
    10. Drinking…. my cuppa tea, to be followed by a huge glass of water 

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