Week 3 in the #2016PCChallenge

I actually finished this week pretty early so I’ve done a bunch more than just this weeks project which is awesome because I am starting the markets this week and I want to have a heap of stock to sell. This weeks project was done specifically to sell at the market. I also managed to finally complete a few things I had begun last year which is nice too.

So this week I found a tutorial via a blog I follow on blogspot… I’m sorry I don’t remember which one it was now or have a link to it. They didn’t make hair pins but I saw the design and thought it would be well suited to hair pins:


This picture was taken after they had come out of the oven and cooled down, ready for a few extra embellishments.


This one is the final product. I put some sculpey gloss glaze over all of them and added some swarovski gems in random spaces in some of them:


Others I left plain:


Then there was a couple of pairs where I added extra petals inside before the baking process:


Hopefully they sell! And hopefully they stay together and don’t fall apart!!

What do you think?