Yes you read that right! You can win a seat on Lifebook 2015. There’s a massive Blog Hop going on where each teacher is offering one free ride on the LifeBook train! Woot Woot! As if you don’t want a piece of that action!


So head on over to Effy Wild’s blog and check out her offering here:

Then you can follow the blog hop all around for many, many, many chances to win a spot. I would LOVE to win a spot. What LifeBook has done for me and my skills and techniques and product knowledge (and much to hubby’s distaste my lack of money in my bank account from buying supplies!!!) is immeasurable. It has helped me begin a journey I hope everyone will join me on in some way shape or form. Without LifeBook I don’t think I’d be doing my 100 day challenge let alone setting up e-courses to offer people. I am starting to do things I never imagined possible that I hope will one day make all the money I’ve spent worth it (please universe before my hubby divorces me! ;D )


Make sure you head on over today and start the blog hop so you too can win a spot in lifebook and if after all of that you don’t, well I highly recommend paying for the YEAR LONG course. It is so well worth the money. It isn’t even a lot of money for what you get. Over 20 different teachers and some kind of content every single week, that is 52 lots of content from mini-lessons, to full blown mixed media lessons as well as tutor interviews and lots of give-aways in between, oh and don’t forget the ATC swap cause ATC swaps are so fun!!


It’s my dream one day to be part of the blog hop because I will be one of the tutors, but for now I’m content just doing the year long course. If I could only do one course, this is the one I would choose to do because this one course offers so many different teachers and techniques. So head on over to Effy (who is also a wonderful teacher and artist in her own right) and make sure you sign up for your chance to win 😀


In Joy!

What do you think?