Word of the year!

It’s 2015 and already time is flying by fast and I’m wondering how I will ever fit everything I want to get done in to the year! What about you? Is time speeding up for you, or do you find that time drags on by?

This is my 2nd year of choosing a word or words for the year. What does that even mean? If you’ve never heard of having a word for the year before you might have a quizzical look on your face right now, but never fear I will explain! First I will tell you my word of the year… or in this years case word(s).


What these words signify is something I want to aspire to this year, something that perhaps has been lacking in my life so far, or something I want more of in my life. Being in a marriage with someone I believe to have Aspergers has made communication sometimes extremely difficult. Not just like trying to communicate with someone who doesn’t speak your language, but communicating with someone who thinks in completely different ways to you. So communication is key for me. Not just with my husband, but with my children, friends, and my growing tribe (that’s you!) I have always been good with words, especially writing them. However I’m not so good at communicating my needs and wants and that is huge for me. So this year I want to really use the word Communicate to focus (focus! my other word!) on communication my needs and wants more effectively and listen to others needs and wants and respond in the best way I can.

Communication was the first word I chose but as 2014 was coming to a close I was thinking about what I need as a Creative Alchemist and where I want to go with this brand I’m trying to create here. I came to realise I need more focus. I just love EVERYTHING arty and crafty. I find a new medium or new craft and I get caught up in it, enmeshed if you will, obsessed even and I end up practicing these new techniques or crafts until I get a handle on them but end up jack of all trades, master of none. I don’t feel a driving need to master anything, but I DO want to focus on just the few things I really love so that I may share my knowledge of them with you, my tribe. So I decided as well as Communication, I need to Focus.

Therefore I have 2 words this year that I will use to keep me heading in the direction I want to be headed in. I can use these words with my art, I can use them to contemplate or meditate on, I can, when feeling scattered or down, come back to my words and look at where I can move forward from where I am right now to where I want to be. Does that make sense? So if I find myself in a downward spiral I can use Focus to find out what my thoughts are and use Communication either with someone, or with myself, to change the flow of energy from any negativity coming up.

So that is my intention for the year. I’d love to know yours if you have one. I hope you have released all the amazing (good, bad, ugly, beautiful) lessons you learned in 2014 and energetically cleared yourself, your space, your world, in preparation for all the wonderful things coming your way in 2015. It’s going to be a great year!


In Joy!

3 thoughts on “Word of the year!

  1. Awesome!
    I’m going to choose Embrace and Believe.
    Here’s to an absolutely abundantly creativity 2015 for us both beautiful xxx

    • I love your words! Thank you for sharing 😀
      And I know your b’day is around here somewhere cause you’re an awesome Capricorn like me so Happy Birthday for your special day xx

      • Thank you so very much, Samm!
        I had set the intention to message you for your bday and that totally slipped away with everything else that does. I felt so bad! I am sure you had a spectacular day though. Loads of love to you xx

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