First Post, First Post!!


I am so excited! I finally have my Creative Alchemist blog up and running 🙂 Feel free to look around. There isn’t much here right now but over the coming years I will be adding more and more I guarantee it. For now though I suggest sharing my blog around with your networks and getting everyone to sign up to my mailing list! Why my mailing list? Because I am about to start my 100 day challenge!!!!!!

What is that? I am committing to produce a mandala a day, every day for 100 days in a row. Every following morning I will send out an email to my mailing list with a photo of the days mandala which will be for sale. I will include what mediums I used and what kind of canvas/paper it is done one. The first one will be sold for just $1! No you didn’t read that wrong. JUST $1!! If you’ve seen my mandalas and enjoy them you will know that is a bargain!!

But the bargains don’t stop there! The second mandala will be sold for $2. The third one for $3. The fourth one for $4. Are you getting the picture? And how do you purchase these mandalas I create? You subscribe to my mailing list and eagerly await the arrive of an email every day. When you see one you want to buy, click reply and respond to me with a SOLD. If your email is the first one to hit my inbox, the mandala will be yours! You will be responsible for the postage and packaging. You will have 10 working days to send payment to me, after that the mandala will be put up for sale in my MadeIt shop which you can find here:

Get in quick because the price of my mandalas are only ever going to go up, Up, UP! However if you see something you like and you want something similar I will take commission work. Commission work does come at a cost though, but I will endeavour to make the mandala to your liking.

Haven’t seen my mandalas before? Head on over to my facebook page and look in my albums 🙂 You can find a link to my facebook page on the menu bar to the right of the screen.

What else is coming soon?

I have started recording my beginner mandala e-lessons! As soon as I get them edited I will have the course on offer for those out there who might like to create their own mandalas. How exciting is that?! Learn how to do mandalas just like me.

So I hope you keep dropping by. I hope you subscribe to my newsletter. I hope you will leave comments and likes for me. I hope you will contact me with thoughts and suggestions of what you’d like to see. Welcome to my world!

In Joy,

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